Meals and Food

Typical Dinner in Davao

Rice. Rice with everything, even with noodles :)


Much like shrimp these fresh prawns were bought at the local market minutes before they were cooked for us, Delicious!

Dinner by Candlelight

The power goes out in our neighborhood 1-2 times a week (usually only for 30min-1hr). Our house caretaker showed us where the candles were stored. Everything becomes an adventure!

Banana Tree

Our neighborhood has many banana trees, coconut trees and pineapple plants, but this banana tree gets the award for the most fruit at one time. The variety of banana grown/eaten here is much shorter/smaller than that in the US. We most often eat two or three bananas in one sitting. :)



We ate watermelon outside our house, with the number of ants crawling through our house we had no desire to add watermelon juice to the mix!



Bigby, not BIGGBY!

A local restaurant chain. They pronounce it Big-Bee-ES. The kids were disappointed...they thought they were getting pomegranate smoothies.

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