Clam Beach RV Park Between Rosarito & Ensenada Baja California Mexico

No we are not at this RV part right now, but Becky and I just got off of a Skype call with another family who'd like to RV into Mexico and were interested in Clam Beach RV Park, when we dug into our blog posts we found out that we never posted about this great RV park.

So went through the photo archives and down memory lane. Next week we celebrate exactly 365 days since we first came into Mexico as a crew of 6.  So for anyone interested in Clam Beach RV Park this should help you, and for those who want to have a conversation about how to live this lifestyle send an email to

Motorhome on the ocean

This is the view we woke up to every morning. There's nothing like seeing the ocean out your windows!

Clam Beach RV Park

The campground has a perfect sized wall to keep the high tides out and define where the campground starts so the beach walkers/runners don't come on in.

Pacific Ocean front RV Campground

To give you a bit of perspective of the wall. Makes it really fun for the kids to play in the (dry) sand right near the RV, so we could get work done inside while knowing our kids were nearby!

RV and palm trees

The campground itself has no shade and the trees are quite young, however it's got a great set up with smooth streets, paved lots (easy to level on!) and paved patio areas. In this campground it's worth spending the extra 100 pesos or so to get the Ocean front row. -- Also they are able to negotiate on prices, check for the most current deals people have been receiving.

Clam Beach RV Park Ensenada Mexico.

Here's some context on the size of the park from the ocean. It's actually quite deep, and only half of the park is developed. The whole thing is gated but we were able to park our car hauler trailer in the not-yet-developed part of the park (about 20 trailers away from the beach). This RV Campground is between two cities and so it's not within walking distance (by gringo standards) to anything, it also means that other than the highway it's just the mountains behind you.

Christmas wreath on the ocean

The view is quite nice and a great place to celebrate any holiday (we stayed there late November and early December 2015 . (It's been a whole year since!)

Ultralight Mexico

One day a hang glider/ultralight showed up, he wanted $30 pesos (about $2USD at the time, now $1.50USD) for a ride... however we could only do one person at a time... not ideal for us, some of our kids would be too scared, and at the time we weren't comfortable handing our kids over to a stranger in a motorized vehicle.

hang glider Mexico

Beautiful waves, fun toys, and sunshine!

Wide Beach view

Looking South, the beach goes for a couple miles... awesome for runs, frisbee, sunrise walks, etc. Perfect to chill out and unwind in Mexico

Tide Pools Mexico

Tide pools on the north end of the beach. The waves crash on the rocks and it's hard to know when the tide is coming or going... so be warned!

Black sand beach

The beach is clean, but the sand has a lot of dirt in it, so be prepared to use the outdoor shower!

La Bufadora Ensenada Mexico

Our Crew at La bufadora (the blowhole) -- it's a fun trip, but be prepared to buy lunch and some souvenirs/christmas gifts. Lots of hawkers/vendors and prices are negotiable.

And a map of the good-to-know stuff there:

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you from the States. We've had a great year in Mexico and we're super blessed to be able to be here!

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  1. Tim Czarkowski

    Looks like a very nice spot. We’ll have to check it out on our way down next time.

    • Paul Kortman

      It’s worth a stop, and it’s super close to the us.

  2. Michael

    We are considering Clam Beach Resort or the RV resort next door. How would you compare the two?

    • Paul Kortman

      Michael, not sure where you’re getting your information but there is only one RV park there, they’re probably the same thing, just two different pins in Google maps… You can boondock at the beach or park in the RV resort/park — We opted for the resort as it’s not too expensive (for US standards) and you can safely get much closer to the ocean. Plus full hookups!

      • Paul

        There are two rv parks. Clam is less expensive and smaller lots. But more cozy. The other has more room, more expensive, but there is a hotel there as well and a younger crowd makes noise and are by the pool during high season.

        • Paul Kortman

          I stand corrected. I never knew there was another RV park there!

          • Richard Markovich

            what is the best route in and out from calm beach. otay mesa Hwy 2 to 201 or san yesidro hey 1

          • Paul Kortman

            Just to be clear the highway it’s on is 1D, and I took 1D from the start by San Ysidro. I don’t like the Otay crossing. It is tricky to find your way to 1D so I recommend doing it via google maps streetview first. The turn to the “Via International” can be confusing, and once I missed it and ended up on surface streets in TJ… not where I wanted to be with a 37′ foot rig (plus a 16′ trailer!!) — any mexican road with a letter D is a toll road, and generally speaking they are safer, in better condition and with fewer traffic or topes. I’ve found exceptions to this, but 1D is an especially awesome road, so I recommend it anytime.

  3. Ted Skipper

    Great pictures. I’m retired & single but very Active. I have a very expensive bus puling a open trailer with a new 4×4 Nissan truck & 15000.00 Banshee quad. My kids say I’m looking for trouble taking all this into Mexico. I love the beach & that’s the only place I know of that I can be right on the beach. They say that I’m going to get Car Jacked on the toll Road going there. Can you please give me some insite. Thank you. You can also text me at (number removed for privacy concerns – admin)

    • Paul Kortman

      Hey Ted,

      Mexico is awesome. And yes you might be looking for trouble, but it’s not with the people :D You’re looking to have some fun!

      There are plenty of places in the Baja where you can be right on the beach, and Clam Beach RV park is one of the easiest to get to. If you want to venture further south there are plenty more options. is your friend for which sites are right on the beach and if your rig can fit.

      You will not be car jacked on the toll road. It’s quite the opposite, you’ll have a very plesant experience on the toll road. Just know that it’s hard to find it at first (I missed it twice when driving through San Ysiedro. Check youtube for videos on the route… there are plenty of examples and with google streetview I think you can actually experience it first hand. GPS helps but even with GPS on I missed the exit… Driving on the city/surface streets of Tijuana can be nerve wracking with a rig… so try to avoid that if possible.

      As for the drive, it’s easy, it’s safe and it’s a good road. When driving in Mexico there are a couple of tips: Never drive at night (unless you know where ALL of the speedbumps (Topes) and potholes are, as well as the wild animals and the occasional nefarious no-good hombre). And if there’s a toll road stick to it. the abuse on your vehicle will be way more than the cost of the toll road.

      know that it will take longer than expected to get anywhere, so give yourself plenty of time.

      Thousands of people make the trek down the Baja with expensive toys and rigs and 99.9999% of them live. Some are stupid and avoid the recommendations (drive at night and off the toll roads) and run into problems.

      Going to Clam beach is easy and still within a couple hours of San Diego to get any parts/supplies you need to!

      • AG

        My family and I went to check out Clam Beach, we loved it.We are planning on taking our 5th wheel out there next year. What route do you suggest to take to Mexico, Tijuana or Tecate?

        • Paul Kortman

          Ya know we never tried Tecate. We tried Otay and San Ysidro. By far San Ysidro is better in all regards.

  4. Betty Ann

    We are interested in visiting the park. We have a 28 ft motorhome and will be pulling our 12 ft enclosed motorcycle trailer. Since our only mode of transportation is the motor bike, is the road paved to get to the rv park?

    • Paul Kortman

      It’s been a number of years since I’ve been there but from what I recall is yes indeed it is paved. It’s also very very close to the highway so it there was a section of unpaved road it’d only be 100 feet. The RV park itself is quite long so you don’t hear the highway noise. The ocean drowns it out!


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