2014 Trip Summary

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2014 Map

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Where We Went – At a Glance

Where We Went

  • Atlanta Georgia, USA (5 days)
  • San Francisco, USA (24 hours)
  • Davao Philippines (1 month)
  • Thailand – Chiang Mai, Bangkok & Phuket (6 weeks)
  • Singapore (24 hours)
  • Bali Indonesia (1 week)
  • Malaysia- Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur (1 week)
  • South Africa – Cape Town, Bloemfontein, & Pretoria (3 months)
  • Doha, Qatar (26 hours)
  • Sofia, Bulgaria  (10 days)
  • Madrid Spain (3 days)
  • Lisbon, Portugal (1 week)


Travel Highlights

March 15, 2014 we left Michigan, October 1, 2014 we arrived back in Michigan. For a total of 201 Days. Almost 6 months.


And in those six months we experienced:


24 Flights

That’s an average of 8.4 which means we took a flight on average every 9 days!

  • ATL to SFO
  • SFO to Manilla
  • Manilla to DVO
  • DVO to Manilla
  • Manilla to BKK
  • BKK to CNX
  • CNX to BKK
  • BKK to Singapore
  • Singapore to Bali
  • Bali to Kota Kinabalu
  • Kota Kinabalu to Sandakaan
  • Sandakaan to KL
  • KL to Phuket
  • Phuket to BKK
  • BKK to Nariobi
  • Nariobi to JNB
  • JNB to CPT
  • JNB to Doha
  • Doha to Bucarest
  • Bucharest to SOF
  • SOF to MAD
  • MAD to LIS
  • LIS to PHL
  • PHL to GRR

Transportation Rentals

Besides Taxis, Trains, Subways, and airplanes these are the vehicles we had to rent

  • 2 Scooters in Chiang Mai
  • 2 Scooters in Phuket
  • 3 vans in Camps Bay

30 Houses

That’s an average of 6.7 days in a house (aka on average we moved every week for 6 months)

  • Hotel in Indiana
  • Atlanta Hotel
  • Airbnb in SFO
  • South Villa in Davao
  • Villa Josifina in Davao
  • Land and How in Chiang Mai
  • First Apartment in Bangkok
  • Nado’s in Bali
  • Bali Villa
  • Ubud Villa
  • Apartment in Kota Kinabalu
  • Hostel in Sandakaan
  • Sepilok Jungle Resort
  • Turtle Island
  • Four Points Sandakaan
  • Airbnb in Phuket
  • Second Apartment in Bangkok
  • Third apartment in Bangkok
  • Airbnb in Camps Bay
  • Camps Bay house
  • Savoy Kimberly
  • 53 @ BNB Bloemfontein
  • Savoy Kimberly
  • Berg en Dal – Kruger National Park
  • Kiaat Bungalows
  • Timbavatti
  • Mercure Hotel in Doha
  • Sofia Airbnb
  • Madrid Airbnb
  • Lisbon Airbnb

Where are they going?

Now that you know What we did in 2014, checkout where we are headed, where we’ve been and what the next steps are on our Itinerary page

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