January News

After some time north of Merida on the beach for Christmas we set out to visit Chichen Itza, Coba, and 6 centoes before starting down the Mexican Caribbean coast. More on Chichen Itza, Coba and the cenotes later. Today, I wanted to update you quickly on where we are...

Puebla to Merida and Christmas Prep

When we left San Miguel de Allende after being parked still for 6 months we knew we'd be starting another adventure full of issues, stories and breakdowns. But we had no idea how much all of that would happen on day one! We spent the night in a mall parking lot,...

On being an IIegal Immigrant

Last week we made our visa run to Texas and came back with a loaded vehicle, it's crazy how many things break down and parts are only available in the US. So we took that opportunity. However, we had no idea how quickly we'd be headed back to the US! Yesterday I went...

Permanent Residency or Not?

We love Mexico, living there for the last year has helped us confirm that it's a place we'd like to set up a home base in. However, when we decided we'd like to add a (non white) child to our family we were informed that permanent residents of Mexico can adopt for...

Current Location

Holiday Inn Coatzacoalcos

About the Kortmans

We're a family of 6 who have chosen a location independent lifestyle. In early 2014, we sold our house and most of our possessions. We spent time in SE Asia, Africa and Europe. Where will 2015 bring us? Learn More About the Kortmans or View their Itinerary

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