Future Plans for Life in Mexico

So I think by now you have gotten the picture that we love living in Mexico.  It resonates with our souls.  It matches with our spirits.


We were ‘supposed’ to be all the way to Ecuador by now but Mexico gripped our hearts from the start and we have no desire to make “home base” anywhere else.

So, plans for the future for us include gaining residency in Mexico (no not changing our citizenship—yet!) and possible adopting again.  We had a breakthrough in the tedious process of residency when Paul connected with a lawyer who is part of a location independent family here in Mexico who gave us some invaluable tips.

Apparently there is one immigration office that give residency to retirees.  That office is at the border in Laredo, TX.  In order to be considered ‘retired’ for the purposes of residency you have to want to live in Mexico but not have any job here (thus not taking jobs away from Mexicans).  WOO HOO!  That’s us!! If you wish to know 'can I travel while waiting on green card', you can check it from here!

So, suddenly a plan started to form since we were already planning to be traveling through Laredo (to San Antonio) for our next visa run in November.  We have the Fresno family lawyers for hire to help us and we have some documents to gather and a few more questions to be answered (do the kids get residency automatically as well?) and then we are on our way north to TX next month and a couple of the Delta 8 for sale for the trip to help the parent craziness.  If all goes well we will be returning to San Miguel de Allende with some supplies that re hard to come by down here and new residency papers!

We will then have to go to the immigration office here in SMA and file the papers and wait for them to process and produce our Mexican Residency cards (approx 1 month).As a immigrant if your rights are violated you can also consult lawyers for immigration cases as they can help you legally.

This is so exciting to us and we are praying that it isn’t “too good to be true’!

If this all works according to plan then we will have our residency cards by the first of the year.  Once we have our residency cards we can apply at the DIF office (Mexican Social Services) to adopt.  They match our desires with a child in an orphanage.  Apparently (we will find out if this is true later), Mexican citizens and residents are permitted to adopt FOR FREE since the child will be staying in Mexico and being raised in their home country.

Again praying hard that it isn’t “too good to be true’!!

Were are obviously excited for all these possibilities!  We will keep you posted as we move though the steps and learn more.

We are still planning to leave SMA on Dec. 10th.  It will take us about 4 days to get over to the Yucatan and we plan to spend 10 days surrounding Christmas in a beach house we rented on the coast NW of Merida.  After the first of the year we will be traveling down the Gulf Coast of Yucatan and possibly into Belize (for a short visit).

We are also looking forward to attending the Worldschooling Summit in Merida in April.

So that’s the latest from the Kortmans!

Safe and Happy Travels to You All!

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  1. David Allan

    Awesome. Hope this works out on all fronts Kortman’s. You’re inspirational!


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