What if We ALL Get Sick?



In the last post We talked through what happens when the kids get sick. We ended the post asking:

"Have you had any medical "scares" while away from home? Far from medical help? Scary situation with sick kids/spouse/friend/self?"

I had no idea the foreshadowing that was.

Due to our Doha stay over we arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria on Friday Sept 12, one week ago today.

The fever Thys acquired (probably from Zander) on the flight over, was gone by Monday.

Becky got sick Monday night with a new bug...a nasty one!

Alia and Thys got sick with the new bug on Wednesday.

Zander and I went down on Thursday.

So far Josiah has made it through unscathed from either bug.

It's Friday and even Becky's system doesn't seem to have righted itself completely yet.  Yikes!

We fly out in 28 hours and have already had the conversation of what happens if Becky and I are not better tomorrow morning? At this stage I'm concerned I can't make it two blocks to the grocery store. How am I supposed to go through the stress and physical exertion of flying, not to mention flying with 4 kids?

So what do you do when both Mom and Dad are sick, can't eat, don't want to cook or clean, can't stomach changing a diarrhea diaper from the littlest one... AND you are surrounded by people who don't speak English?

What if this bug which already ruined any plans we had in Sofia of seeing the sites took Becky and I down far enough that neither of us could get out of bed.

Shoot we don't even have a phone to make a phone call.

In the middle of all this we lost power in our flat. We didn't know if it was only our flat or the neighborhood. Shoot, we just left South Africa where we had to pre-pay for electricity and had it run out on us a couple times (lets just say Im not used to watching a meter like a hawk). So without power, without phones without speaking Bulgarian, and without energy due to the majority of us being sick.... we did what we needed to. We communicated through charades and awkwardly had our landlord in our flat in the middle of being sick and with it looking like a tornado hit [read: 4 kids running amuck while mom and dad recuperate].

We try not to complain but our week in Sofia did not go according to any plans we had made.

We make a lot of contingency plans, it comes from who we are and this lifestyle we've chosen for these nine months. But somehow we never came up with a contingency plan of the perfect storm of everyone being sick, not speaking the language, not having electricity, and not having a phone.  Sheesh!

So... anyone else's week match the face on the cat pictured above?

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  1. Jacki Vreeman

    My week has been blissful compared to yours! Will certainly pray for restoration to good health for ALL of you!

  2. Christy Jusino

    oh boy, guys!!! my crazy, hectic, stressful week (first week of school, nursing problems, rental problems, relationship problems) doesn’t look so bad anymore! “) thanks guys!!


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