Itchy Feet

We definitely have itchy feet.

Have you heard this phrase before?

Nope, not a post about an Athlete's Foot outbreak!

Itchy Feet:  referring to when your feet have been in one place for too long and you desire to travel elsewhere.

Springtime here in San Miguel is wonderful as the trees are blooming (not just sprouting leaves, actually blooming) the breezes are warmer and as the rainy season approaches you can't help but strain your ears for the first thunderstorm!  However, as beautiful as it is we are wanting to get traveling again so badly!   As many of your travelers know, you either love traveling or you don't.  You either want to keep going or are happy to settle down.  Those who are in both camps are very few and far between.

So, since low finances prevent us from taking off and feeding the travel addiction, the thing we can do is plan and dream!

I have been talking with the kids about what countries they are interested in traveling to.  We have also been going over everyone's bucket lists to find out what locations will cross of the most bucket list items.  So, I am totally excited to announce that (at this know how plans change) as soon as we have enough finances we are going to spend 4 months (January-April) in Sri Lanka (somewhere on the coast between Unawatuna and Dikwella) with weeklong trips to both India and the Maldives!  We hope things work out to get a long layover in a surrounding country we have not been to as well!

Visiting these 3 countries will allow us (if all goes as planned) to knock 8 things of my (Becky's) bucket list, 3 off Alia's, 2 off both Josiah's and Paul's and 1 off both Thys' and Zander's.  Jackpot!!!  Plus we are all missing the ocean pretty badly!!!

So, let the planning/figuring/reading/researching begin!

Have any of you been to any of these places?   Best places for families to stay or to visit in the Maldives and India?  What places have you been that are must-see?  What should we steer clear of?  Please share whatever intel you have or whatever you feel is most important for us to know. Hit me people!!

Becky Kortman

I'm a homeschooling, world traveling, Jesus follower who is a wife and mom of 4 kids, In all my travels, I am looking for places that fit with my soul and feel as much like 'home' as they can this side of heaven.

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  1. Diane

    Hi there. I just stumbled across your blog bc it’s name resembles the excellent home renovation one, Along the Way. Warm weather, lazy day, reading. We are living in San Sebastien del Oeste with our 4 kids. We are getting itchy feet too. How funny. Have you been here before? We haven’t been to SMA and Guanajuato yet. We are planning to visit soon after visiting Mexico City with the kids. Museum and sightseeing a la palooza, lol. My kids are 14, 12, 10, and 8.

    • Becky Kortman

      Hola! We have been to Tepic, Sayulita and PV but not into SSdO. How big is it? How long have you been there? Home base or just for a while?

      Have you heard of the Family Adventure Summit that is happening here in San Miguel de Allende in Oct? Look it up online. We are going! So excited it’s in our city this year!!

      Thanks for writing!

  2. Maria

    Hi, Becky! I just listened to your first Podcast “About Your Hosts,” and checked out your blog. It is such an encouragement for me, as we hope to be completely location independent as well. I couldn’t believe it when I was listening to the podcast, because of the similarities in our families when it was recorded. We are a family of 6 with children ages 2, 4, 6, and 7, and I’m from Grand Rapids, MI as well (we’re in Lansing now). I’m looking forward to listening to more of the podcasts and reading more on your blog…thanks for sharing your lifestyle with others!

    • Becky Kortman

      Wow! What fun connections! Please let me know of there is any other way that I can help or encourage you as you journey toward location independence as well! It’s fantastic! Thanks for writing!

  3. justin

    why are your kids not coming to school


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