Last Weeks in Camps Bay

First off...Paul and I have both been posting pics as we travel on our Facebook accounts for those who hadn't already seen them.  That is where you can find our current travel updates right now as we are moving around a lot.  So check FB frequently as we will continue to post as we go!

Also, I am feeling bad about missing another Throwback Thursday post.  Preparing to leave Camps Bay and having friends over for dinner took priority.  So, this is my platform to confess and be absolved of my guilt.  I am still working on a post for Thursday even though it is another travel day for us (back to Kimberly to catch the 3:30 am train to Jo-burg) I really want to keep posting and get caught up!  So, please overlook my 5-days-late or 2-days-early (whichever way you want to look at it) and just enjoy these random pics of our last few weeks in Camps Bay, Western Cape, South Africa!


Zander near the shore.  His favorite things right now: Baw (ball), pahp (park), cheech (beach), boat (boat),, and san dune (sand dune).



Alia built this "horse" to ride around the house.  Its torso is made of a wine bottle rack and he even had a tail!  She is so creative at the right moments!



Z was excited to go one the train so one day he wore his back pack around the house for about an hour.



We took the kids to a real Japanese sushi bar where there are little motorize pathways with small plates of sushi on them that pass by your table.  You remove the ones you want and pay by the colors of the plates you have eaten.  We loved it!



Here is the final stack of plates after our crew feasted!  So, now do you believe our kiddos like sushi!?!



Here are the kids with Joyce Jwambi and her husband.  Joyce was the housekeeper that 'came with' the house we rented.  We love her dearly.  The kids commented through tears after her last day with us, "There is never going to be anyone like Grandma Jwambi!"  She was not only a HUGE help to me in keeping such a big house in clean working order but also a kind friend to talk with and share ideas.  We will certainly be going to visit "Grandma Jwambi" if we are ever back in Cape Town.




Alia and a set of twins at the creche all had matching shoes.  How fun!



Alia and Zander playing with Baby Inga at the creche.  I adore this picture!


Sometimes when you have been given permission to play on your iPad, even the need to go poopy can't stop you from playing your games!



One Sunday the 'winter' weather was better than usual--80 degrees and full sun.  Because of the frigid water temp, it was the only time we were even remotely going to let the kids play in the pool.  Mostly, they played pool-side but Josiah jumped in once.  He was too smart to do it more than that!  Mr. Dan was hanging out with us that day and was kind enough (and apparently warm enough) to volunteer to jump in and retrieve the toy Zander dropped in.  Z loved the "that's-freezing-cold-water" sounds Dan made while getting out so he continued to throw toys in thinking Dan would keep jumping in!  He was very mistaken!   Daddy was forced to make a dive in for them and then the new rule was "only toys that float"!


IMG_6015Zander was very tired and ready for naptime (although he would NEVER admit it), so he made himself a little bed in the middle of all the playing!


IMG_6001For a reward, Josiah chose to play at the beach with Alia and Mommy and build a sand volcano.  As you can see they pretty much went swimming (wading up to their chests in the big tide pools) as well even though it was chilly that day.  We built the castle on the rocks near the water to see if the tide would take it away, but we never did get back to check.



And this is the view that we are already missing!  I saw this as I was looking for recents pics in my phone to post just now.  Oh, I will miss that house/view/place!


Right now, I am writing from a B&B in Bloemfontein and planning to spend the day tomorrow with friends and then back to Kimberly to catch the night train to Jo-burg on Thursday.  Lord willing, more adventure to come!

Ok, the kids are bugging me to finish so we can go up on Naval Hill and spot antelope and giraffes.  Naval Hill is a large steep sided hill overlooking Bloemfontein with only one road that comes and goes off the hill.  Wild animals live on top.  We can see it from our place here.  The entrance is about a 3 min drive from our B&B.  Yay Africa!

What animals do you hope we get good pics of on this next safari section of our trip (as we head to Kruger Park on Friday)?  Do you have a great safari story you would care to share with us?  Or a tip that would help improve our experience that you are willing to share?



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