Living in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is very touristy.  Lots of gingos (white people) due to the resorts and cruise ship traffic.  The public beaches are a bit harder to find and some require payment to park.  However, the dogs are doing well with their training and we know that we will be leaving as soon as they have completed school.

Here are a few shots of our first couple of weeks in Cabo.


When you arrive at your destination and had no idea that you blew a trailer tire somewhere out on the highway. Yeah, that. We are hoping to find a llantera (yan-TERRA - tire repair shop) that can beat the rim back into shape enough to reuse.



When Alia and Mommy decided to share a shrimp dish at a restaurant recently, we had no idea it would come like this!



The stone serving dish had a orange hot little coal fire underneath to keep the five varieties of shrimp warm. I had to switch seats with Josiah during the meal as I couldn't stay sitting next to a "campfire" on a hot day! Yes, it was unbelievably tasty!



We went out and looked for a beach to park Gracie on for our stay in Cabo but public beaches are few and very busy. We couldn't find anywhere we could park and also have internet. However, gorgeous beaches abound! This is Santa Maria Beach. Santa Maria and Chileno beaches both have AMAZING snorkeling!


Climbing on the rocks at Viudas Beach. This beach has super cool tide pools when the tide is out.


One weekend we picked all the minifigure parts out of the legos and assembled them all.  It was fun for the first half of the project and the second half was more of a desire to actually accomplish it!  In the end it was fun to see them all in one place and put together.


So many heads!


The bodies and legs we had identified as belonging together.


1 bowl for accessories, 1 bowl for hair and hats, 1 bowl for heads, etc. We used post it notes for the minifigures that were missing some piece and searched for them later. a big shout would go up when a missing bit was found!


Finally complete!


We were actually surprised how many of them there were! Around 250 minifigures... Let's just say our kids have a ton of fun with Legos!


We'll be posting more about life in Cabo San Lucas soon. We are not like the rest of the vacationers in this town...we are trying to see how little we can spend.  Thus our search for public beaches and playing legos on the weekends. We'll be here for about a month and although most white people around us are living it up on vacation we are doing life as usual...working, schooling, and finding repair parts and cheap street food while practicing our spanish with the locals.

What do you wonder about our daily life in Cabo? Or about Cabo in general?  Let us know and we will fill you in on details!


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  1. Betsy

    Hey I’m planing on moving to los cabos mexico I just want to know how I can homeschool my daughter she is 6 in the 1st grade please help its important don’t know were to start looking so my child can get homeschooled

    • Paul Kortman

      I’m not sure what you are looking for? Are you looking for a homeschool co-op or a group of other homeschoolers in Los Cabos? OR are you looking for a tutor/private teacher?

    • Robin

      Hi Betsy,
      My family and I recently moved to San Jose Del Cabo. I have a 15 and 9 year old. So far my 15 year old has found several friends but my 9 year old is struggling which is breaking my heart. Both children are homeschooled so it’s challenging finding friends. Just wondering if you know of any good groups for ex pats in similar situations? I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. loscabosag

    Thankyou for sharing…Los Cabos is a wonderful place to live for retirees or those looking for a better quality of life. It’s also an area that makes sense financially to invest in, one must visit..!


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