Texas, Lots and Lots of Texas

We stayed in Texas longer than we anticipated because Gracie was giving us trouble.  While we diagnosed and repaired Gracie we hung out and enjoyed some Texan hospitality.

The kids swam in the pool every day and we spent evenings playing frisbee with the dog at the campground’s playground.



Here we are in the limo we’d rented from Santos VIP Limousine!


We just had to have a picture with the giant bull.  Funny thing is, an Aussie from a tour group took our picture.

The kids had fun in the gift shop. Love these crazies!

IMG_3393The Big Texan was a huge hit!  Great food and lots of fun things to look at and explore.

As fun as Texas was, we were ready to move on.  We had planned to go through Austin to San Antonio, but the time we spent trying to fix Gracie meant we had to cut part of the trip short and move on to Colorado.

So thanks, Texas, it was fun, but Colorado…..here we come!

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I'm a homeschooling, world traveling, Jesus follower who is a wife and mom of 4 kids, In all my travels, I am looking for places that fit with my soul and feel as much like 'home' as they can this side of heaven.

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  1. mrlich

    Welcome home to the Kortman family!

    It was not too long ago that your favorite stalker was doing a project down near Amarillo and visited… you guessed it – The Big Texan!

    Life went on, more projects were worked, and now? Now, I’m working all over… Denver!

    I don’t know how long I’ll be in Denver or what your time frame is for getting here, but feel free to contact me if you would like to catch up on each others’ adventure list!

    • Paul Kortman

      Sorry man, this was posted out of order, we found it in the archives and realized it hadn’t been posted… we’re still in Mexico, for at least the next 5 months!

  2. Jessica Meinhofer

    We stop by The Big Texan when we were in Amarillo too! It was a crazy experience and totally unexpected!!

    • Paul Kortman

      Exactly! We had no idea what we were in for but we had a blast there


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