A New Facebook Group & A Shift For Us

Did you know we have over 300 strangers reading our posts? There are a couple hundred more who know us personally but the majority of you reading this now are simply inspired by our life....which is amazing and humbling to us!

A lot of you have said you want to live something similar to our lifestyle. We started a business a year ago with assistance from Acclime Vietnam to help families do just that. In essence, NomadTogether exists to help families become location independent, and support those who already are.

Thing is we've found that we're splitting hairs that weren't meant to be split. We're saying Home Along the Way is ONLY for updates about where we are, how we are and what's going on with the Kortmans. Yet many of you are following us to learn and grow or to live vicariously through us.

We've only been doing this lifestyle for two years, however, we've been able to support many other families in making a lifestyle change or who are living their dream lifestyles already.

So with that being said, you may see some different posts coming from us, focused more on the questions we face from families considering this lifestyle. You may also see more of a focus on our Podcast (why have you not subscribed yet?) Which we'll be releasing more episodes shortly. And you'll see more information about the ebook we wrote and the ebooks we're writing.

The first of all this is today's post about our new Facebook Group.

Facebook Group Digital Nomad Families

This group is two weeks old today with almost 200 families and great conversations going. If you're looking to travel as a family or become location independent or are already you should be there. And if you know of someone else who wants to be or is a location independent family please pass this link on to them: http://facebook.com/groups/LocationIndependentFamilies/

Topics being discussed in the group include things like:

"I'm happily location DEpendent, but would also be happy traveling non-stop. My spouse will take more convincing. How did you and your partner get to the point where you could say, let's do this!?"


The dream is a year long trip (and home schooling so very interested in the posts about that) but at nearly 50 hubby is worried about coming back to no career... For now we will do as much travel as we can afford (heading to the French alps driving and camping this summer smile emoticon until the big plan comes together!


Finally got our website live this morning, made the first 2 sales while I was playing at the beach this morning with the kids, now I'm promoting on social media on my phone while the kids are napping on the beach! So stoked for this life!


I'm a location independent want to be. I'm a single mum of ten month old twins living on a canal boat in the UK. The canal boat is up for sale but caring for baby twins is pretty much full time so finding a way to work and travel and look after them may be a challenge. So I'm reading with interest how others do it.

As you can tell, we've got a lot of great conversations going on in the group and if you'd desire this life you're going to want to be a part of it.

Where are the Kortmans?

We're still hanging out in Paradise. Cabo Pulmo, Baja California Sur, Mexico to be specific.  Part of this journey was finding a place we could call home, and once we've found it do we need to keep going? We're actually in the planning and saving phases, as we have no problems with this place, it doesn't cost us anything to live here and we'd like to save up a larger cash supply before entering the mainland of Mexico (the ferry across the Sea of Cortez is not cheap, nor is gas!)  We have casually looked into a couple properties here to get an idea for price, size and locations available.  Nothing serious, just us doing our normal research.

So we're working and doing school everyday, snorkeling when we can and in general living our normal life...on the beach in Mexico.

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Paul Kortman

Dad of 4, husband, blogger, digital marketer, follower of Jesus. I podcast at nomadtogether.com and own connexdigitalmarketing.com We're on this crazy journey to travel the world as a lifestyle. Looking for help in how to live as a digital nomad family? Join this Facebook Group!

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