Alia’s Charm Bracelet

Have you ever seen an ad for something that promises you something free "if you stop in our store"?  We saw one of those recently...from a high end jewelry store offering a free bracelet.  I was intrigued but wondered what we may have to do or what the catch was.  Alia, however, wanted to go right away and find out!  Being a daughter of a marketing guy, this girl understands false marketing and what ads are designed to accomplish.  But, as she was quick to point out, "it doesn't hurt to go find out, we can always say NO!".  Smart girl!

One afternoon when we were on our way to the marina to work with the dogs, we stopped at the Diamonds International store and showed them the ad.  The simply gave us a free charm bracelet which had a DI charm and a fish charm.  We learned that this specific bracelet was for those who come in on cruise ships.  This specific bracelet was for the Caribbean and every time someone stops at a port of call on the list you can stop into the DI store in that port and get another charm (for $5 each).  The fish charm is specific to Cabo San Lucas.  After looking at the little booklet that came with the bracelet we discovered that we were planning to be in 8 of the 22 charms.  Alia was SO excited to be able to collect charms from the places we visit.  So now she is motivated to earn money so she has enough to buy the next charm when we reach the next port of call (Mazatlan).  I am happy too!  What a fun little treasure (that doesn't take up much room) and makes lots of memories.  Of course, it's also nice that it's pretty!


Alia's traveling charm bracelet from Diamonds International.


The booklet where Alia is keeping track of what charm is next on our traveling route.

Alia wants to show you all each time she gets a new charm!  Thanks DI for a fun little project/memory maker/financial goal...and some girly bling!  We'll have fun collecting!

Who knows, as we continue to travel she might be able to get the others: 1 in Vegas, 1 in Key West, 3 in Alaska and 9 in the Caribbean Islands.

Have any of you ever completed this collection?  Or one similar? Email Alia a picture of your bracelet to  She is looking forward to seeing them!

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  1. jan

    sweet. Fun and beautiful project! It’s good to have goals. <3

  2. Beverly

    Hi Becky,

    I,also, travel a lot and pick up the Diamond International Charms. But a lot of them I don’t know what Port they belong to.
    Where did you pick up that Black card that shows you the Charms and where they belong to?
    I am looking for the Cards–or Copies of them–from Mexico, Alaska, Panama Canal, and Southern Caribbean. Do you have any of those that you would be willing to send me a copy of?? <:)
    I would sure love it!! Or if you go to any of those places—-

    • Becky Kortman

      The little guide came with the first charm she got. I assume they have them at all the locations. Try asking for one. I do not know when we will be at another location to get one, but I will try to remember to ask when we are!


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