Bali Housing Walkthroughs

Zappa Hostel, North Kuta, Bali

We tried lowering our expense by staying in this hostel. The hostel manager, Fernando, met us at the airport and brought us to the hostel. The kids quickly made friends with 'Nando' and we had a blast while there. However, Zander got a fever during our time in Singapore, so while we liked this place we needed to get to a place with air conditioning. So we only stayed in this hostel one night.

However, due to becoming friends with Nando and Connex's new apprentice, Dan, who was staying at Zappa Hostel we were back here every day while we were in North Kuta, Bali.

Nando makes a Bali Kite

Nando made a kite with bamboo and a trash bag (normal Bali style) and we flew it at the beach.

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North Kuta Villa, Bali

Reminiscent of our baller house in Villa Josefina Davao Philippines. We experienced a major upgrade from the hostel to a villa. These two houses are only 3 blocks away from each other. We ended up renting scooters again because we were told being in Bali a scooter is required and we quickly realized when we went for a walk and found adult sized holes in the sidewalk to the sewer underneath. We can't say the roads here are much better as there are regularly trees in the road and the roads are significantly too narrow for two cars to pass each other.  However, speeds here are much lower dues to narrow roads and traffic congestion when compared to Thailand.

We'll be posting pictures soon. But we had a blast here. The kids are loving having pools wherever we go and Zander's fever disappeared in 14 hours after getting in the A/C!

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Pondok Iman Villa, Ubud, Bali

We wanted to visit Bumi Sehat Foundation in Ubud (more on that later) and also see what life in Ubud is like. So we spent 4 days in Kuta/Seminyak and now are spending another 4 days in Ubud. This place is very similar to the Bali villa in North Kuta, but a bit smaller.

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We have had lizards, frogs, moths, butterflies, spiders, mosquitoes, geckos and millions of ants in our houses in Bali and despite the unexpected house guests, we still LOVE the Balinese style open-air living!

What about you?  Would you be willing to have creatures living in your space with you in order to have an open air dwelling?  Give us your thoughts, ideas, questions and comments below or on Facebook!

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  1. Christy Jusino

    Been there done that living with critters thing……… :( Although I think geckos and butterflies would be so much nicer than our house “guests”!!!!

  2. kaitangsou

    In the tropics insects are everywhere…in Africa and Taiwan I was visited by snakes a few times too…Bali is the place where 2 of my SA friends where blown up in the Bali Bombings with many others…I would have been with them for this rugby tournament but pulled out because of bad knee…RIP Craig Harty and Geoffrey Fitz…don’t think I will ever make it to Bali myself…

    • Paul Kortman

      Sorry about your losses! Insects are indeed everywhere but we were blessed with how little we were bothered by the insects.


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