On being an IIegal Immigrant

Last week we made our visa run to Texas and came back with a loaded vehicle, it's crazy how many things break down and parts are only available in the US. So we took that opportunity. However, we had no idea how quickly we'd be headed back to the US! Yesterday I went...

Permanent Residency or Not?

We love Mexico, living there for the last year has helped us confirm that it's a place we'd like to set up a home base in. However, when we decided we'd like to add a (non white) child to our family we were informed that permanent residents of Mexico can adopt for...

Still in love with Mexico!

There are lots of reasons to love Mexico, and if there was one thing I could tell all Americans it would be to stop watching news/media. They only tell the bad parts about Mexico. Oh, and believe me the bad parts about the US are told here as well. (Like every mass...

What Will The Week Bring?

We've been planning a visa run to Texas for the last couple months. Mexico gives 6 month visas for every border crossing with no possibilities to extend it unless you leave the country. So now that we're approaching 6 months since the visa run from h***, we knew we'd...

Future Plans for Life in Mexico

So I think by now you have gotten the picture that we love living in Mexico.  It resonates with our souls.  It matches with our spirits. We were ‘supposed’ to be all the way to Ecuador by now but Mexico gripped our hearts from the start and we have no desire to make...

Windows Into Our World

Just thought I would post some recent pics to give you a little more of a look into our life here in SMA. We are off to explore the city of Guanajuato this weekend with Harper and her mom.  Hope to post some of those pics later! Hope you are all well and enjoying life...

About the Kortmans

We're a family of 6 who have chosen a location independent lifestyle. In early 2014, we sold our house and most of our possessions. We spent time in SE Asia, Africa and Europe. Where will 2015 bring us? Learn More About the Kortmans or View their Itinerary

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NomadTogether is a community of and for Location Independent families which we founded in late 2014.

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