Ice Cream in Dolores Hidalgo; a Guide to Flavors

Ice cream.

I haven't met anyone yet that doesn't like ice cream.

My family sure loves it but after our last outing I think I am much more likely to meet someone who doesn't like ice cream since there were a few that we didn't even want to try!


Yesterday we went to a nearby town, Dolores Hidalgo, another beautiful city in this area! It was from this city that Mexico's Independence began.


Everything is decorated here in DH just as in San Miguel de Allende since Sept. 16th is Independence Day in Mexico (starting 11pm on the 15th--that will be a noisy night!--read: fireworks, bells, etc!).  It looks like Christmas since Mexico's colors are red, green and white and the decorations are omnipresent, profuse and sparkly! You should also try these chocolate chip cookie baskets for delivery if you're looking for the perfect gift for your loved one!

Indeed, we are enjoying learning about Mexico's holidays and history but we didn't come to Dolores Hidalgo to see the Independence Day decorations.  We came to check out the thing DH is famous cream!  The flavors are incredible!  The best ice cream is from the vendors on the street--specifically in the town center.  Grab street parking anywhere you can and walk a few blocks to the city center.  Vendors abound!  Especially fun on the weekend when there are lots of people to watch!


Here is the menu from one vendor that seemed to have the widest variety of flavors.  You can choose Flavors in either Water (think sherbet/slushy) or Cream (ice cream - some creamier than I have ever experienced before!).
Left side flavors:
Shrimp and Octopus --tiny shrimp pieces in a coctail sauce flavored slushy
Crab and Clam - salt & seafood
Sapote Fruit -- sweet potato/pumpkin flavor with undertones of almond
Chamoy - a common Mexican sauce that is sweet/salty/sour mix with bits of chiles added.
Soursop Fruit - Strawberry/pinapple/coconut/banana combo-ish
Garambullo is a cactus fruit that is a blueberry/pomegranate/cranberry mix
Super common flavor -beer/tomato juice/lime/soy sauce
Jackfruit - similar to fig
Another common flavor -pickled fish/chili pepper/onions/salt/cilantro
Barrel Cactus fruit  - similar flavor to kiwi
Passion Fruit

Right Side:
Oreo Cookie
Common Mexican sauce with typical base being chocolate and a variety of spicy chilis
Pine Nut
A fruit that tastes similar to Papaya
Fried Pork Rinds
Black Russian
Angel Kiss - Cherry with bits of walnuts and raisins
Rice Milk

Shrimp?  Taquila?  Pork Rind?  Cheese?  Yup.  We tried them!  Well, most of them anyway! You could have as many tastes as you like and with so many flavors and cones only having 1 scoop we decided we needed to do 2 rounds! :) 



For Round 1 the boys all wanted Ejote (Corn), Alia got Borrachita (Barrel Cactus Fruit--which, interestingly we had already eaten the fruit right off the cactus in the Baja), Paul got Vodka flavor (though it wasn't on the menu) and I chose Aguacate (Avacado).  All VERY tasty!


Si's 'pine nut' and my taste of 'shrimp' ice cream.

Round 2 found Paul gobbling up a double scoop with Fresas y Crema (Strawberries and Cream) and Pistche (Pictachio), Alia chose Chicle (Bubble Gum), Zander also chose Pistache, Thys got Guyaba (Guava) and Josiah searched for a stand that had Piñon (Pine Nut).  I preferred a cup of ice cold Horchata (a common rice milk based drink with cinnamon) but I was sure to get a couple licks of Si's piñon since that is now my 'favorita nueva'!  I dislike pine nuts but LOVE piñon ice cream!


This guy dropped his corn ice cream TWICE and ended up sharing my avocado cone.

Since Dolores Hidalgo was only about a 30 minute drive away from where Gracie (our RV) was parked in San Miguel de Allende it was a short, comfortable drive back home.  And a good time was had by all!

What end of summer fun are you or your family doing to draw the season to a close?

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