A Boy and His Dog

The kids really had fun at the Bed & Breakfast that we just left in Bloemfontein.  They played with a sweet little girl named Tina (she will appear in the next post about our trips up to Naval Hill), helped out the grounds keeper, Majola, with his chores every day and did delivery/pick up of our laundry to Numsa.  They were busy and productive...and they loved it!

IMG_6266We had to get a pic with 'Uncle Majola' (Tina's uncle) and Numsa (Tina's mom) before we left.

However, this post is more about the dogs on the property, Maggie and Nu Nu.

And about Josiah.

And how much Josiah LOVED these dogs!




First thing in the morning, when we were least expecting it, Nu Nu, the Rottweiler, would come and gently nudge our door and the hinge would squeak.  We knew what that sound meant...Nu Nu had come looking for Josiah.




Nu Nu would wait right outside our door, looking in at us, until Si had put on his shoes and gone out to pet/snuggle/belly scratch/etc.


IMG_6267A boy and his dog.  Josiah is desperate now to get dogs.  He has decided upon getting two: one that is young and playful for when he want to go and run outside and one thats older and  just likes to lay around and be available for snuggles when Si wants to be quiet and calm.  A smart boy, I say!



IMG_8608This is Maggie, the Black Lab. She was just as sweet.


IMG_8607She liked scratches and snuggles just as much as Nu Nu.


IMG_8648Maggie sometimes came by our room for a scratch as well.  Si is always happy to oblige!



Even when Daddy grabs Si to pretend throwing him in the pool, Nu Nu isn't far away!


IMG_6269Even Thys, who has been afraid of dogs since Angel (our large Black Lab/Newfoundland mix) died 2 years ago, would scratch their bellies (albeit cautiously!).  Seriously, people this was a big deal!  These dogs should get a medal!






The other kids may have been having fun playing but if Uncle Majola was doing something Si couldn't help with then Si was seeking out a furry friend to snuggle with.

What About Your Stories?

Tell us your favorite dog snuggle story!  A sweet story, or a funny story? What about a 'seriously, what were you thinking' boy and a dog story.  Tell us about your furry best-friend in the comments below!

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  1. Lisa Felten DeHaan

    Such a sweet post with precious pictures! When Josh was 5, a friend found a furry stray and we surprised Josh with him on his birthday. He looked at Sonny and said, “This is MY dog?” They were best buddies for many years until Sonny became ill and we had to take him to the vet to be “put to sleep”. I will never forget my big football-playing son carrying his dog out of the vet’s office with tears streaming down his face. Brings tears to my eyes today! A boy and his dog…

  2. Terese Emmory LaPree

    Both of these dogs are gentle souls. Wonderful that your boys were able to connect with them.

  3. Heidi

    Loved this :) I read “A Dog’s Journey” this summer, and it fits right in with this story! The premise is that each dog who finds you is actually the same soul, but in a different body. A lovely read, lots of tears, but great book overall!


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