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So, my 'Throwback Thursday' post for this week got derailed.  There was no time to organize photos as we were on vacation (YAY!) and as soon as we arrived home I got hit with migraine headaches (BOO!!).

So, I am giving you some shots from our most recent visit to the creche (preschool) that we volunteer at every week in a township near our home.  There are about 50 kids in total from infant to 6 2 rooms.  We purchased some new toys for the babies (infant-3 years) and food staples for the big kids (4-6 years).  We love visiting and being able to love on these sweet kiddos!

IMG_5976This is all the playyard that the kids have.  I had my back to the other end of the yard for this pic and straight ahead is the baby room and the big kid's room is directly to my left elbow.  You can see Zander up in the playhouse, Josiah underneath, Thys on the left and Alia was indoor with the smallest sweeties!  Up in the top left corner you can see the creche owner, flanked by her daughters, Kanya, on the right and Tandi, on the left.  REALLY. WONDERFUL. WOMEN.  Their home is behind Tandi which makes up the remainder of the property--in total 3 rooms and a yard.


IMG_5978Alia bonded with little Kia (KEY-ah) almost instantly.  They are now inseparable when we are at the creche.


IMG_5981True to form, Thys loves the littlest ones the best.  He's a 'baby' kind of guy!


IMG_5986Alia took this pic of me with the smallest of all the children.  Little Inga just likes to be held.  Mommy is more than happy to oblige!


IMG_5991Another of Alia and Kia.  Alia is in "little sister" heaven!


IMG_5993Lunchtime!  This pic and the one below is all the bigger the baby's room is.


You can imagine how hard it can be on a rainy day and none of them can go play outside.  And only half the babies are pictures here.  The older babies eat their lunches out in the play yard.  The creche's biggest need is space.  You can pray with us for funds for expansion so a contractor can raise the house up on stilts so the kids rooms can be expanded and the play yard can be bigger.


IMG_5997Alia feeding Kia her lunch!


IMG_8303These are the big kids in their room.  They do school in the mornings and sing/dance/play in the afternoons.  Outside play for them is when the babies are having nap time.  I still need to get pics of nap time--super cute.  They are 30 little sardines all rolled together on mats--snoring away!


We will probably have more posts with pics from the creche later on.  We love living here and being able to give back in this way!  Have you ever volunteered at a orphanage or creche?  What was your favorite memory/experience?



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  1. Christy Jusino

    Ok … count me in for cuddle time! Simply adorable children. Alia looks very happy in this environment. How did Z do with competition?

    • Becky Kortman

      Zander never skipped a beat! He came back to me a couple times to get a little cuddle too but then headed right back to playing. He’s so laid back! He loves babies as well so he would coo at whomever I was holding and caress their chubby cheeks and play with their little fingers. Doing this sort of thing is a perfect fit for us! I really hope to be able to volunteer long term at an orphanage where ever we “land”.

  2. kaitangsou

    African children should never be spoiled with junkfoods for example…they do NOT need to Americanize at all…Buddha said it well: Poverty is your greatest strength… Simplicity and humanity is what makes Africa special…Ubuntu…

    • Becky Kortman

      We didn’t buy junk food or try to “Americanize” them at all. We actually purchased what they requested. Maize, samp, fresh fruit and juice. Our goal is to support them as they live…to walk alongside…not change their culture. We try not to Americanize anyone or anything. Please try not to judge in the future.


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