Does Extreme Weather Produce Extreme RVing?

I am sure most of you were already aware of this fact, but for those that missed it.. We, Kortmans are an unusual bunch.

So generally when it is predicted that we will be experiencing 50 mile/hour wind gusts, we say “Sweet!”

However, 50mph gusts in the Mojave desert yesterday morning with a 37 ft. Class A motorhome…  not so sweet!

The wind tried to steal our awning right off the side of the RV.

There's nothing quite like driving a huge brick through 50 MPH crosswinds, then it's even worse when the sound of your awning coming out and unfurling. Stopping on the road didn't help any because it wasn't the speed of the vehicle doing the damage, it was all the cross winds. Fortunately there was an exit right there, we pulled off and got the motorhome turned so the wind was coming from the  driver's side and not hitting the awning.

I recommend you look for a good towing service and keep their contact information in hand. In my case after a bit of research I settled on Towing 247 services.

Once we parked we saw that we had "accidentally" parked near the Mohave air and space port and airplane boneyard. This is something that I've always wanted to see, but it never made it to the bucket list cause it's not that important. However here we were parked half a mile from it.


The Mojave Airplane boneyard in the background.

Back to the awning, we're brand new at this motorhome thing plus we sold all of our tools last year. We really don't have any tools or "supplies" to deal with the random things that might break.

Like an awning in the Mojave desert.


Surveying the damage... we couldn't get the strap to hook to because when it unfurled the awning rolled up with the strap inside... so we had to manually pull the awning out and re-roll it in the wind... we almost lost the whole awning!

No worries though… We used a USB charging cable and my belt to keep the awning closed.


We sacrificed a usb charging cable. Thank you Apple for making awning tie downs ;)


And the belt. Yup, they're some of the most versatile things we wear. (The face is me tightening it as tight as possible

The fix involved:

  • Walking (crawling) on a 13' roof with 50 MPH winds
  • Becky on my shoulders to try straps on the support beams (who needs a step ladder?)
  • Bubble gum and shoestrings (well at least it feels like it)


Looks almost as scary as it was.


We were laughing through Becky's movable step-stool.

So far we've broken the sideview mirror and the awning needs some love. What's next? Stay Tuned.

So, we keep taking the hits and moving forward with smiles on our faces! Bring it on… We’re having fun!


In front of Space ship one. (X-prize winner)


Proof that we were there!


Note the missing wings, wheels and other vital components... yet they're just sitting here. (not scrapped out yet, might not ever be?)


A whole bunch of "dead" 747s ... my guess is these have been replaced with A380s


I haven't yet researched what this plane does, but it's from Orbital and called stargazer and parked at the Mojave space port and test flight center.... hmm seems cool (Zero G maybe?)


Check out the satellite dish on this hanger.... not the type of hanger you find at most airports ;)


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  1. aunt linda

    Maybe you should have asked for some spare parts at the ‘boneyard’! Haha.

    • Paul Kortman

      Ha! I’d love to have some spare parts from there!

    • Dan Dailey

      Agreed. The RV would make much better time with some jet turbines…

  2. Auntie V

    You are a real McGyver(?spelling). What incredibley great stories! This is like a novel. Can’t wait til next chapter. Keep it coming! And be safe!

    • Paul Kortman

      He’s my hero (him and Chuck Norris ;) Ar you waiting with baited breath for the next installment? We woke up this morning wondering what today might bring. We’re in Elk country and thought we might have to write about an Elk/Motorhome accident… but we’re parked for the day and haven’t hit an Elk yet, so it’ll have to be a little less dramatic.

      • Uncle Lee

        Baited breath or Bated breath… mmmmm…

        • Paul Kortman

          Bated Breath is the correct spelling, but baited breach is becoming commonplace and is approved in some places. … I have terrible spelling but I thought I had spelled that one right!

  3. Uncle Lee

    Your car has been returned and is waiting with bated breath for your return:).

    • Paul Kortman

      Thanks!!! Now if we can just get there!


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