Giving up on the American Dream a Podcast Episode

Another Month, another Podcast :)

This time I was a guest on the How to Quit Working Podcast with Jeff Steinmann. I talked about my career and how I am able to live this lifestyle and why I quit the best job of my life. Jeff has setup a podcast and community helping people get out of the 9-5 and work when where and how you want to.

I had a good time on this show. Which was followed up by another interview of Becky and I on another podcast. We had a great time on that podcast and really hope to start our own podcast for NomadTogether soon. There are plenty of people to interview but we also have plenty of stories to tell and things to inspire other families.

So to help us with that, please write in the comments one of the following:

  • The best or funniest story you've read/heard about us and our travels/trips... what's the most memorable thing you've read here?
  • What inspires you about our lifestyle choices?
  • What fears/concerns or what holds you back from making a location independent lifestyle choice?

Those could all become inspirations for us to start our own podcast.


Here's some pictures from this weekend camping in Lakeview

Zander by Fire

Zander by the campfire -- note the different color flames caused by copper in the fire!

Cozy Family Bedroom

Late night in camp, first night in the new bunkhouse in Gracie -- yes two of the boys both fell out twice and woke us up. Railings will be built soon!

Becky Hammock Chair closeup

Becky's favorite yard sale deal this year, a hammock chair.

Becky Hammock Chair

Nothing like a redneck use for ratchet straps!

Becky and Justice

Becky even got some quality baby time with Justice the neighbors baby.


Mike and his new bike

Becky's brother Mike got a new bike ;)

Strange house

A very strange house we saw while taking a tour of the lake this morning.


Don't forget to comment about one of the best or funniest stories, the most memorable thing, the part that inspires you, or what holds you back from this lifestyle?


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  1. bob

    Loved your battle against the leaks!


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