Hospital Day 2

Chiang Mai Ram Hospital

We played Uno and Canasta as a family to pass some of the time.

To say that everything has gone smoothly would not be the full truth.

We chose Chiang Mai Ram Hospital because of online reviews. And some in-person investigation on Tuesday. We're okay with the facility being not 100% perfect... We feel that as long as we can communicate, the Doctors/Nurses are well trained, and the operating theater is sterile that it's okay for us to be treated there.

However we missed out on some key details.

One website said the hospital would provide inpatients with a translator during our entire stay. What we've found out is that the translators only work from 8-5 and are there only if you call. Oh and the hospital is not customer friendly. Things are not explained as well as one might hope for.

However all that being said Josiah is doing very well.

Today he had his IV removed because we opted to mix his antibiotic and pain meds into food and ingest them versus the solution or through the IV. There were a lot of communication issues in the switch to oral medications but we've got it all worked out now.

Some of the nurses are patient and speak enough English that we can communicate. But sometimes language isn't the barrier. One nurse told us at 6pm tonight that the Doctor had gone home and will be in tomorrow to check on Si. About an hour later the Doctor came in... ah Asia, there are some things that seem to unite all of your people groups :) misinformation is one of them!

Josiah has a tube to drain fluid out from where the fluid was leaking. Unfortunately the fluid did not drain enough today (Friday). The doctor won't remove the tube until more fluid drains and Josiah cannot leave until the tube is out. So he's "stuck" in the hospital until more fluids drain.

We're taking extra measures over night to lift the area where the fluid is in hopes that it'll drain faster/overnight and he can have the tube removed tomorrow.

Alia Becky and Josiah all shared the hospital bedroom (two beds just for Si!) and are doing that again tonight. I've got the two littles at home with me. Zander is having trouble himself as his body decided to push another tooth through today so he's pretty miserable and not himself.

We had fun at the hospital today. While they do serve food if you order it, its very very common to bring in food. So I got mexican take out from one of the local restaurants for lunch and we stocked up the fridge with yogurt, teas, and chocalate milk from the 7-11 (yeah how crazy that Thailand is littered with 7-11's) and for dinner Pizza Hut delivered to his room.

Oh and we had my perennial weakness for an afternoon snack: ice cream. Who can pass up a $1 magnum ice cream bar right from the hospital cafeteria?

In general he is healing well, however when he laughs it hurts the incision area. So we have to be careful doing one of the kids' favorite activities of  watching Americas Funniest Videos on YouTube.  He has to pause it when the video makes him laugh so he can manage the laugh and not make it worse.

We're totally blessed by technology!

Chaing Mai Ram Deluxe Room

Josiah Intently playing a game on the iPad, the pad on the floor in the background is Alia and Mommy's bed for two nights.


Chaing Mai Ram Deluxe Room

Josiah Pre-surgery

Help him laugh (or cry)

Keep praying that communication would be smooth and that he would drain quickly.

We'd love to hear your prayers, thoughts and funny stories in the comments below this post (or email us). We'll read them to Josiah to help the time pass. If you're reading this elsewhere you can comment here

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  1. Jill Williams

    Oh wow! I am just catching up on all of this today. Keeping your little guy (and family) in our thoughts. What a tough kiddo :)

    • namtrok

      Thanks Jill! He is a trooper! Typically full of anxiety but he’s done really really well with this!

  2. Terese Emmory LaPree

    Keeping your family in my prayers extra until things calm down. I hope Beckys ear is also healing. ONe of the things the ENT told Tim to do for Swimmers ear was to make up a jar of vinegar water. and rinse the infected ear with that. When Tim was burned his one ear was greatly affected and the opening is quite closed off. Not only does it make it hard to hear on that side, but because it is closed off so much, it does not get enough air. When he works he has to wear ear muffs which are sweaty. He goes through periods of intense pain. some times the antibiotic ear drops work some times not. So the ENT said to use one of those bulb syringes that you such mucus from the babies nose, and pull up some vinegar and squirt it in the ear canal. let it sit there for a few minutes. then tilt the head and drain it out. The vinegar is anticeptic, and will help dry out the ear as well. tim only added a little water to the vinegar. he tries to keep it as straight as possible. If his hear is real irritated it burns a little so be aware of that. I would not go any farther from 50/50 on the cutting of the vinegar, 50% water, 50 % vinegar. white or apple it doesn’t matter.

  3. Terese Emmory LaPree

    Josiah This is Terese that lives down your road . I live just a couple houses from your Uncle Mikes old house. We have the 2 big dogs that love to BARK bark bark bark BARK! I hear that you are in the hospital. I pray that you will heal real soon and be able to go home soon. HOw lucky you are that mom can spend the night! I hear that it hurts to laugh. that’s no fun! I have had that happen to me too when I have had surgery. Every body has to be the funny person when you hurt don’t they. Try to hold a pillow tight to where it hurts the next time you start to laugh.
    If I find a funny video, I will send it to you here on the blog. Take care for now. Heal fast!!
    Your neighbor
    Terese LaPree

    • namtrok

      Thanks Terese! He’s getting better with funny videos so we welcome your suggestions :)

  4. Christy Jusino

    Josiah, we have been making strawberry jam all day. Now our feet are hurting and we need to sit down and rest.

    While we were working Bethany thought that we could call ourselves, you guys and us, the Kortno’s. If you combine the name Kortman with the name Jusino you get Kortno, so she thought it would be fun to get the Kortno’s together for a fun game of Telephone. We were remembering how the last time all the great grandparents were together with us we played Telephone around the table. We remembered that the phrase started out as “the gang’s all here – let’s have a party” and it went all around the table through great grandmas and grandpas and all the little kids, and wound up being at the end “grandma’s on the potty”!! Do you remember that game? We think the Kortno’s should get together and play it again sometime! We love you and hope to skype again REAL SOON!!!!

    • namtrok

      Too funny! Did you know that we played telephone in the hospital room? Josiah loves that game and I think it’s 100% because of that phrase with the Jusinos… Grandma’s on the potty… we all laughed at that for a long time! — today’s game turned “elephants have long trunks that look like noodles” into “elephants have long noodles for trunks” — or something like that (if you can’t tell we were in the elephant room and there were lots of pictures of elephants on the walls!


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