Internet at 32,000 Feet, Flying in the US!

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There are some perks about living in a first world country.

Being able to write this blog post while flying at 32,000 feet at over 400 MPH is one of the coolest perks.

We're halfway through our journey today. Somewhere over the "fly-over" states. Don't worry we'll be driving through those states soon enough.

The Newark concern turned into a huge positive. Our itinerary had us in Newark for over 3 hours. However there were three flights taking off before ours. And as it turns out Boston was the airport most affected by the snowstorm today. So we requested to be moved to one of those earlier flights.

We almost got out of Newark two hours ahead of time but the seats available on that flight were only single seats. 6 seats, in the middle (not isle or window) spread across 6 rows. We know our kids are great travelers, but on a 6 hour flight we didn't want to push them too far. So we asked if they could do anything on the next flight which would bump up our arrival by an hour. We worked it out so we're sitting in two rows, in pairs.

This required Josiah to be the awesome big brother he is and help Zander during this flight, Alia gets some needed one-on-one time with Mom and I get to handle the boy who seems to never stop talking. We love him, we love them all, but Thys is in the stage where he's always talking, telling us about the movie he's watching (and we're watching too) or the video game he's playing, or the thing we're seeing out the window... It's made even more humorous if you've ever met Thys and you know about his two volumes, So soft you cannot hear him, and yelling. So most often the whole plane can hear him and we're constantly trying to tell him to be quiet.

Love that kid. There's nothing quite like Thys.


Our kids are such great travelers, in our first flight we made two friends and then even more while transferring in Newark.


I wonder what LA, Fresno or some random rest stop along our journey to Michigan will bring as far as crazy stories with these kids.


So just as a recap, we've bought an RV, it's in California, and we're picking it up tomorrow and driving it home. 14 hours in airplanes/airports today and 14 hours in an RV tomorrow! #bringit


We made the call out for friends to let us know if they're anywhere near the route we're driving (seen below) we’d love to visit.  Keep letting us know, we keep getting surprised about where all of our friends are. I half suspect that if we break down in the middle of Flagstaff we'll find out we know someone there too!



Kortman family on airplane

GRR-EWR First Flight of the day on a tiny aircraft... does anything else fly into GRR?


Girl on airplane with magazine

Reading her magazine. Alia (like all of 'em) is a pro at this flying gig


Kids in airport

Riding on the back of a golf cart in Newark airport. -- The sooner flight was in a "different neighborhood" as the driver said, so Becky and I treated the kids to a golf cart ride :)



We thought we might get de-icing so yesterday we showed the kids de-icing videos on YouTube (it's how we prep kids for travel) and sure enough we got to see it live... they had a lot of fun watching it... especially Thys who gave play by play and required you to watch the whole time!



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