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After some time north of Merida on the beach for Christmas we set out to visit Chichen Itza, Coba, and 6 centoes before starting down the Mexican Caribbean coast.

More on Chichen Itza, Coba and the cenotes later. Today, I wanted to update you quickly on where we are and what we are doing.

Some kind policemen gave us some coconuts and taught daddy how to cut a fresh coconut so you can drink the milk.

Thys' face tells the story of concern over the coconut milk being gone before you get another drink!


Enjoying leche de coco on a hot day.

We planned to start our trip down the coast in Puerto Morelos but as heard from friends of ours who live aboard that they were just arriving at Isla Mujeres (just off the coast of Cancun) so we changed course and went to Cancun first. When we leave next week we will have enjoyed a whole month here when we didn't expect to come to Cancun at all! It's amazing how things change when you travel with no plan.

Anyway, we have gotten to spend some lovely time with our friends together on their sailboat, together at the beach, in town and even at the pool at our campground.  This was the first time sailing for all of us and it was so fun!  Thanks Oasters!

Captain Matt and Paul aboard 'Beatrice'.

Josiah helps Saskia with some lines while Thys grins for the picture.

It's fun to stand on Rylan's bed and stick your heads out the hatch!

A pirate ship sailed past! Alia and Josiah on deck with Greyson and Rylan.

We did some fishing but didn't catch anything.

The water was pretty choppy for swimming off the boat but it did cool us off!

My view! Now imagine breeze on your face and the gentle swaying of the boat! So peaceful!

Out and about with our friends!

A palm branch so big it takes 4 boys to carry it!

Chomping on pears with Greyson and Rylan while watching a short video on the underwater museum just off the coast of Isla Mujeres.

We flew back to San Miguel de Allende for four days specifically to get finger-printed for our residency process.  It was so nice to be back there and the cooler weather was so welcome!  It was also super great to see friends and meet new people as well.

A group of fabulous location independent families we hung out with one evening in San Miguel de Allende.  Friends old and new!

Back in Cancun, we have enjoyed seeking out the eateries frequented by the locals.  When we find a restaurant that is packed with locals and not a gringo to be seen we know its a good one! Good=Delicious food for cheap!

Our dinner view one evening....perfect! Of course we ate seafood. In fact, the catch we saw the fishermen take off the boats was what we ate for dinner!  Don't suppose the average tourists would appreciate the fishing boats blocking their view but we loved it!!!  Talk about riparian dining!

Cena (dinner) by the sea! Muy deliciosa!

We were exploring one day and came upon the pirate ship we had seen when out on the Oaster's sailboat. The kids said we needed a photo! This is our "ARRGH, Mateys" pose! Zander didn't want to sit in the chairs without me. He has every right to be afraid of pirates--they were terrible dudes who raped, pillaged and killed after all!

.We also added a family member this month.  After looking a few different shelters and rescue clinics Josiah (who was the next one up to choose a pet) chose a sweet little girl who he named Stella Jo.  She is a darling.  She is only 3 months old, so, yes, we are still cleaning up tinkle spots but we are loving her soft snuggles and silly puppy antics.  MooMoo was uncertain about the strange interloper at first but every day is making progress toward living together peacefully.  She would hide in the bedroom at first but today, a week and a half later they are both napping on the couch.

Seeing dogs at a shelter. One shelter had 180 dogs rescued from the streets!

Thys does a 'double-tug' with a couple of sweet doggies.

Puppy Attack!!!

Daddy holding puppies!

So many cute puppies but this is the girl that won! You're coming with us little lady!

"I get a rainbow colored harness, a pillow and a couch all to myself?!?! This is amazing!!!"  She is all legs! We know she is part Dachshound and we are guessing the other part is average Mexican street dog.  We have no idea how big she will be.

Isn't she just so sweet!

January saw the kids getting their first taste of a trampoline park with 8ft trampolines.  Paul took them on a Daddy Day and they loved it...of course!

A Daddy Day trip to Sky Zone Trampoline Park!

We have spent this month parked at Mecoloco Cabañas and Trailer Park in Punta Sam (northern end of Cancun).  Pretty quiet place in January.  We have enjoyed having a pool to cool off in!  Thys has learned to snorkel now and is excited to see cool fish!  I am still working with Zander.

My beautiful 'güera' (Mexican blondie)!

Playing on the crooked palm. Gracie is on the far left. The RV next to us is in storage.

We have been thinking and saving and planning for our next family vehicle. Trying to decide what works best for our family, our lifestyle and our budget right now. We made our decision about vehicle type and now we plan to go back to Merida next week to purchase it.

So, that's what we are up to next! I will post again soon about our adventures at the local Mayan ruins and cenotes! Stay tuned!

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