Life In Cabo Pulmo, Camping on the Beach for Free!

I wrote this a while back and just saw that it never got posted.  So I figured "better late than never"!  We are actually settled into our campsite here in Cabo San Lucas for the next 2-3 weeks while we wait for our doggies to get done with doggie obedience school. However, all of us miss our Cabo Pulmo spot as it was the first time we travelled using the new reviewed and rated GPS I had just got installed. Everyone is now just counting the days till we get back to that spot. So in the meantime, I will make sure you are all caught up on our Cabo Pulmo pics and I will also enjoy being "back there" as well.


Cabo Pulmo Baja California Sur
Cabo Pulmo is a village within the large National Park by the same name. It's part of the southern tip of the Baja know as Los Cabos which includes Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo.

We LOVE it here!  The warm (but not hot) days and cool (but not chilly) nights.  The turquoise/aqua water.  The sound of the surf.  Off the beaten path but not too far (30 minutes) from groceries. I consider myself lucky that I used the checklist by to Backpack for this trip, cause all the things I checked in have come in use in one or the other way.

It has been pretty windy (12-15 mph with gusts around 20) but we are told that it is uncommon and probably due to El Nino. The weather report says we will have some calmer days later in the week.

We are settling in nicely.  When we arrived there was an empty palapa frame, a 6' post, a campfire pit and a palm tree.  We have been taking our cue from Swiss Family Robinson.  We have a "Team Kortman" flag on the post, harvested fronds from the palm tree to use to build a top on the palapa for shade, and collected nearby driftwood and excess palm fronds for campfire fodder.  We have used what we have to make a funnel to fill our clean water tank and are hanging our wash on the line under our hybrid campers.

We are using the palapa for school in the mornings and Paul's office in the afternoons.  So far it has been standing up to the high winds pretty well!  We tried to take a time lapse video while we made it so you all could watch but alas it didn't record...Booo!

The kids have found an old concrete structure not far from Gracie and have "moved right in".  They have reclaimed a number of items that we have found laying around.  Pipes, metal grates, old railings, a cupboard and numerous items from Mother Nature as well.  Their "house" is also taking shape.

Please enjoy some pics of our first days here in Cabo Pulmo!

Entering Cabo Pulmo.

Down the beach toward the village.

Up the beach toward the point. The far edge of the bay is really great snorkeling!

Our campsite. (the Palapa frame pre-setup)

Our flagpole upon arrival.

The kids making our "team" flag.

Our Team Kortman flag.

Our new flag on its pole.

Kids do school under the palapa! Best classroom EVER!!!

Laundry day in Paradise!

Loose horses (we think they belong to someone) that roam the beach and surrounding area every day. We have named them all. This is me petting Dune while his mama, Dilly and Auntie Doula (Do for short) graze nearby.


More about Cabo Pulmo soon!  We'll meet new friends, show you a photoshoot, tour the kid's playhouse and we figured out how to get water into Gracie when we don't want to leave our boondocking spot!  Stay tuned!

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  1. Sarah

    Here in Michigan the Temps have been in the 20’s and 30’s. As a teacher, this makes recess duty quite unpleasant unless you really like winter! Looking at your pics and hearing the location description makes me want to teach under a palapa too! And wishful for summer weather like you’ve got right now…only about 120 days to go…

    • Paul Kortman

      I’d never want to take you away from the kids who so badly need you right in Grand Rapids, but I must say there’s a school in Cabo Pulmo… I’m sure you could work out an exchange program ;) — Think of that when you’re shoveling the walk for the 40th time this winter ;)

  2. Jessica Meinhofer

    Wow – This is glorious! I couldn’t imagine camping on the beach for free. We are new to RVing and have yet to find a beautiful free spot like this! Beautiful blog. Looking forward to reading more!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Paul Kortman

      Happy to share! There are tons of places, if you’re inside the us check out boondockerswelcome, harvest hosts and allstays. Outside of the us check out ioverlander.

  3. Tiki

    Beautiful! We have a place just up the beach from their in Castillo De Arena! :-) And will be down there this winter homeschooling our kids, girls, she 9& 10. If your down there would live to hook up and visit! :-) God bless! :-)

    • Paul Kortman

      Nice! We won’t be back there this winter as we’re checking out the Yucatan peninsula this winter. Enjoy and hopefully we’ll connect in another year! (It’d be awesome to connect up!)


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