Life in La Paz

Life is really good for us here in La Paz.

We've found a campground where we booked 9 nights, we've had a lot of great times here already and will be leaving the day after Christmas, but for sure we'll be back to La Paz.

Traveling as a lifestyle is awesome and will always be a part of our story but two years ago when we set out on this adventure we named it Home Along the Way, for two reasons. One we wanted to make home wherever we found ourselves (much easier to do in an RV versus a new apartment every week or two!) And Two we wanted to find a new homebase, not a legal residence in the US, but a homebase where we spend 6 months out of the year and travel from there.

Traveling around SE Asia and Africa we found places we'd love to return to and spend multiple months there, but nothing where we wanted to call homebase.

In the time we've been in Mexico (less than 4 weeks!) we've found multiple places (perhaps 5) that we could see ourselves setting up a homebase.

It's just been that great!

Having T-Mobile/an internet connection wherever we have cell service is a big part of that.

Having access to the beach in multiple places, and being able to live right on the beach is another big part of that.

Being able to communicate in the local language and read signs etc is a huge part of that. (Have you ever tried to read Thai to recognize a street name??? Good luck!)

While we both took Spanish language in High School, we're gotten really rusty in it. However the base that we have provides the ability to quickly pick up words and be able to communicate enough.

We still do charades, but being able to say words like yes, same, no, this, that, here, there, can, you, me, with, (all the numbers), move, go, and your basic greetings has been extremely helpful with the added charades.

We'll be taking off on Saturday to check out the South Eastern shores of the Baja, known as Los Barriles.

The stars are places we've been frequenting in <a  href=

La Paz. You can see Cabo San Lucas in the Southern tip and Los Barriles on the right/East coast." width="724" height="1024" /> The stars are places we've been frequenting in La Paz. You can see Cabo San Lucas in the Southern tip and Los Barriles on the right/East coast.

Could we settle in La Paz? Yes indeed, we have access to so much here (even a Walmart and Office Depot) with our favorite taco stand, beach, and grocery store. We even are beginning to know our way around the city without GPS... you know you've arrived when you don't need GPS to get where you're going!

So as I sit outside Gracie, sweating at 10am on Christmas Eve Day, Listening to the flock of wild parrots, looking at the Bay of La Paz and listening to the kids riding their bikes around, I wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. While we don't have snow we are having a white Christmas.....white sand that is :)

We've been blessed to have you along on this journey and we look forward to telling you more stories of our day to day life here.

From our Family to Yours....

Feliz Navidad!

Becky and the kids at a Sushi restaurant within walking distance of our campground. We've seen over 4 Sushi restaurants in La Paz!

Becky and the kids at a Sushi restaurant within walking distance of our campground. We've seen over 4 Sushi restaurants in La Paz!

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  1. Kathy O

    Merry Christmas, Kortman family!

  2. Barbarita

    We LOVE LaPaz!
    I wish I noticed you were there earlier. I have a friend there you could visit to swim or kayak paddle board off her beach front. Have you made it to the serpent museum? It’s more than snakes, bunnies to feed and parrots, tons of turtles… I hope by now you’ve found playa balandra. We loved shrimp tacos as bismarkito on the waterfront for lunch. Oh I could go on & on about LaPaz.

    • Paul Kortman

      There are so many great things about La Paz, and yes we’ve been to Playa Balandra, kayaked there and had a blast. We plan to go back there too! We especially liked camping on the beach in Tecolote. Oh and Coromuel is a perfect “hidden” beach where we loved chilling, close, yet not touristy.

      We assumed that La Paz and Cabo had a lot in common as the two large cities in BCS, but now that we’re staying in Cabo San Lucas I know without a doubt that we loved La Paz much much more.


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