Mackinaw/c City/Island

So how many of you were aware that the 'Mackinaw' in Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island were spelled differently?  Was this news to any of you.  We always knew there were two spellings but weren't ever sure which spelling went with which of the various locations.  Fort Michilimackinac sports the "c" spelling while the many shops and restaurants it can be found either way.

We stayed in Mackinaw City for 3 nights at the Tee Pee Campground which is right on Lake Huron.  The kids enjoyed some time in the big lake despite the high winds.  It was a nice place to stay but lots were a bit small for our rig.

We were looking for inexpensive things to do with the kids (everything there and on the island is so expensive) and geocaching kept coming up as our best option.  We had never geocached before and after explaining it to the kids we decided to give it a go.  Thanks to my friend Carlie Anne P. for planting the suggestion in our minds!  The kids LOVED it!  We had fun too!  Now when we ask, "So, what shall we do today?", geocaching is in the top 5 suggestions.  Oh, and hearing Zander pronounce 'geocache' is just too cute!!!

We also spent a morning biking on Mackinac Island (geocaching along the way).  Ironically, a couple from our church small group was on the island at that time for their honeymoon (Congrats Tim and Cassandra) and we met them just to say "hi" and give hugs! Other friends of ours were there too but we didn't know until after we were back on the mainland....Boooooo (sorry we missed you, Monica and girls)!

The kids really enjoyed seeing the culture change of the island with no vehicles.  Thys (age 5) mentioned during our picnic lunch that he thought the island was "lovely".  True, but it still made us laugh!

On to the U.P.!!!


TeePee Campground beach with the Mighty Mac in the background!


TeePee Campground beach.  We don't often attempt these super silly 2 person selfies, but here is one!

You can see here how close the next RV is to us...just a bit too close for our comfort!  Also, this is where MooMoo likes to be when I am blogging.


Having fun geocaching!


We had a great view while geocaching!


Our campsite.  However, we spilled over into the neighbor's site...oops.  You can see the post out by the road.  Technically, we only had one dolly tire in our site.



Kortmans head to the Island!


Looking up through the Mac Bridge.



Arch Rock on Mackinac Island.



The ride back to the mainland before they all got chilly!


After they all got chilly!


This is another of Moo's favorite spots.  It's a great lookout for our little watchdog!




The windsocks the kids made with Grandma E. before we left.

Moo is often in mama's lap when we are driving!


The Mighty Mac!


Moo is the figurehead....


Moo notices that Mama is sitting down and her lap is empty.....



Moo assumes her favorite lap!



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