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We're here, finding home in the Philippines, and its been rough the first couple of days acclimating to the heat and jet lag and lack of stable internet. We arrived without major issues, but a lot of bumps in the road (some are to be expected) We'll write more about those bumps later, I just wanted to get a quick update out there so you know we're here and alive!

Some funny things that have happened: Alia asked me at 1 in the morning, "Daddy, how many more minutes until wakeup time?" Sometimes time as a concept is hard for the kids to understand.

We arrived at the mall (best place to get an internet device) at 8:30 in the morning, not thinking.... the mall doesn't open until 10am. While waiting for the mall to open we popped into one of the two stores open looking for A/C... it happened to be a Krispy Kreme. The kids have never been there and Becky and I hadn't had a Krispy Kreme for at least 10 years. The staff were so excited to see us they invited us into the back room where the kids got to decorate their own doughnuts with sprinkles... something the health code in the US would frown upon, but the kids enjoyed.

Everywhere we go we're stared at... no big deal, we expected it and are used to it. The kids seem oblivious to it. However everyone responds to Zander... "Oh the baby" or "Hai Baby" or "High Fives baby?" It's just setting our perspective that the Filipinos really love babies and well us adults, we're just there to bring the baby!

I'm going to bed, it's 1am here and I think jet lag is no fun! More updates and Pics to follow when we get stable internet!

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