Sweet Home Alabama, Friends From Across the Globe

After we left Atlanta, we stopped in Pelham, Alabama to visit friends of ours but half of the couple was out of town (we won't let you get away next time, Trace).  However, we had a lovely time chatting with Sarah and meeting her little fur baby, Sadie Belle.  Thanks for meeting with us, Sarah, we really enjoyed spending a little bit of time with you!

Paul and I met Sarah when she was in high school in Kazakhstan in 2004. We spent a semester there teaching and were blessed to get to know Sarah, her siblings and her parents. Through the years we've stayed in touch and had little fun memories together.



This girl was chilling out in the big plastic egg.....


....that is until her brother came along and decided to rock her world!


Ah, well, at least she enjoyed it this time!

Little parts of the Triangle Tribe together again!  It was so nice!!!  Wish the rest of you could have been there too!

Seriously, we've been blessed by being able to meet people all over the world and every now and then we get to re-visit them. In fact this whole crazy US trip has been about visiting friends. And people say homeschooled kids aren't well socialized :)

Fun note: Sarah and Trace's wedding along with her sister AJ and Randy's wedding were critical moments in our history that persuaded to change our lifestyle and help our kids live an international life. Sarah, AJ, and many others are Third Culture Kids whom we have been blessed to know as kids and now as adults. We've never seen such well rounded adults at such young ages. We only hope our kids grow up to be something like what we see in Sarah, AJ and others in the Triangle Tribe.

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