The Journey Begins


Yesterday we packed up the last minute things, and said goodbye to our house of 7 years. It's been a good ride and we'll be back, but only as visitors.

It's really strange to pack up everything. There's so much stuff that has value when you're owning a house that suddenly becomes worthless while vagabonding. And it amazes me how many things are worth nothing to anyone else... Like a 2 month old cigar humidifier. Or a pile of mismatched washcloths. Or perfectly working 6 year old stove/range.

Nothing maintains value. I knew that cars depreciate but I didn't realize that everything you buy depreciates. Ug. It's a helpful reminder of a teaching of Jesus to not amass, store, or put hope in earthly stuff (possessions) and instead love on people for they do not depreciate.


We sold more stuff! We sold our hunting rifle on Thursday, and the camera while we were packing yesterday. But we did resolve to buy guns & ammo from Palmetto State Armory after we sold the hunting rifle. And a great friend helped us negotiate and sell or van while we were driving the rental through Indiana. It's crazy how that all came together in the end.

Becky has a dry socket. In hindsight we can tell when she started feeling the pain of a dry socket but in the moment we didn't know what it was until our dentist confirmed it.

She had the surgery last Friday, Saturday was feeling better and needed to be reminded to take it easy. Sunday the pain showed up with a vengeance. (We also found out Becky will never be taking Vicodin again!). Thursday our dentist confirmed that indeed she has dry socket. (Exposed nerve or bone) so hopefully sometime next week that pain will subside. In the mean time she's been incredible at pushing through the pain. I'm proud to have her as a traveling partner and my wife.

Paul did not get the internship. This too turns out to be a good thing. The resort was only interested in providing food and accommodation for one person. Our crew would have had to pay to stay.

Mikes house has not yet sold. Mike is buying our house with the proceeds on his house sale. He has a signed purchase agreement but the mortgage company for the buyers seems to be moving like molasses, for a professional mortgage financing service contact If you're the praying type we'd love to have you join us in praying that the deal would happen soon. Also pray for Mike who's attitude suffers when things take too long. He's had a couple of rough weeks and doesn't like saying goodbye to us.

Becky's sister had a boy on Wednesday. He'll be 4 days old today when we arrive and get to hold him. We're excited to be there to help but also that we get to meet Timothy.

We're slow-traveling it. I know a lot of Michiganders who pride themselves on driving straight through to Florida or Gulf Shores, however, since we're not on vacation and trying to cram everything into one week, for us the journey is not just a means but is to be enjoyed.

So we're camped out at a cheap hotel in Seymour Indiana. We've stayed in this town before en route to a wedding in Birmingham. But we tried a cheaper hotel this time.

You get what you pay for eh?

I just keep reminding myself this is preparation for living overseas. Who knows what kind of accommodations we might find ourselves in.

The kids don't mind. As long as they can jump from one bed to the other life is grand!

Thanks for following along on this crazy ride!

Paul Kortman

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  1. Rebekah

    Good luck Kortman family! Congrats on the new nephew!
    Becky, I hope you start feeling better soon, what a blessing that this happened now and not when you are overseas.

    • namtrok

      Thanks Rebekah!

  2. Terese Emmory LaPree

    A wet tea bag placed on the dry socket and clenched down on a little to hold it there does wonders. I almost always dry socket on teeth on top. Once the clot falls out it is all over. Try Tylenol or asprin for pain.

    • namtrok

      Thanks Terese. How long does the pain go on for, and what do you mean once the clot falls out it’s all over? Like the pain ends when the clot actually falls out or the pain begins when it falls out?

      • Terese Emmory LaPree

        When you get a tooth pulled, a clot forms. A nice gelatinous cap that covers the damage from pulling the tooth. This is why patients are advised not to smoke, drink from a straw or any activity where you make a sucking motion for several days. This keeps the clot safety in place. You have to rinse with salt water to clean the area, but do so gently. As not to dislodge the clot. Keep the tooth brush away from it etc. I usually did ok if it was a bottom tooth that was pulled, gravity kept the clot in place, but if it was an upper tooth, almost every time the clot came out in the first 48 hours. Once the clot falls out the hole is exposed to food air and PAIN!! Wet tea bag helps, and helps control bleeding. (Even on deep puncture wounds on the outside of the body come to think of it) any way. My dentist finally just sewed up my areas quite well and that help too. Especially with a wisdom tooth. But the I went to an oral surgeon for them. I pray she heals real well before you get on the plane! That might be a problem with pain with the altitude adjustment. If Zander gets fussy and pulls at his ears, every one else can chew gum, Zander can drink a bottle that seems to help. Best of luck I miss you all already!


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