Throwback Thursday – Bumi Sehat Birth Center

Today, we are reminiscing about our visit to Bumi Sehat Birth Center in Ubud, Bali.  Women come here from all over the world (as far as Russia and Papua New Guinea) to birth their babies naturally with respect, care and peacefulness.  This wonderful birth center started by CNN's 2011 Hero of the Year, Robin Lim, never turns a woman away.  She and her team have been working since 2003 to combat Indonesia's high maternal and infant mortality rates.  The mothers stay different lengths of time depending on far away they live and how much care baby and mother need pre or post birth. Some stay for  a month and others just a few days.  The center has midwives on-call 24 hours a day.  They also have a clinic for mamas and babies and for pregnant mamas.  Between the Bali clinic and the one Robin Lim set up in Aceh, Indonesia after the 2004 earthquake and tsunami they have delivered about 5,000 babies.  Hospitals in Indonesia often hold babies until payment is made for services.  The Bumi Sehat Foundation is in support of parental rights for mothers to not be separated from their babies.  The Bumi Sehat Clinic is a blessing to thousands of low-income Indonesian mothers who would otherwise not have access to safe and healthy pregnancy and childbirth options.

We were privileged to tour the current facility and were warmed by the kindness and openness of the staff there.  Unfortunately, Robin wasn't at the clinic that day. (major disappointment for me) but we were blessed to have visited!

IMG_6779Yayasan Bumi Sehat means 'Healthy Mother Earth' in Indonesian.



All MY babies (3 of them born at home with a midwife and one adopted but he still saw our midwife at 30 hours old).  I love teaching them about gentle birth and how important it is for all people.


IMG_6826This is the replica of the proposed new building that they hope to begin construction on in June 2015.


How can you help?

1. Donate time.  Bumi Sehat welcomes volunteers.

2. Donate money.  Note: most people specify their monetary donations to be used for something specific so items for general operations often get forgotten.

3. Donate supplies.  They need everything from lavender oil to bandages.  Any item used for birth is needed.

4. Donate clothing/blankets.  Some mothers come with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing.  Bumi Sehat likes to bless them with a few articles of clothes and blankets for the new baby.


Do you know of anyone who might be traveling to Bali?  A friend on vacation?  A couple on their honeymoon?  Keep Bumi Sehat in mind and help that person acquire some things to drop off at the center during their time in Bali!

If you are interested in learning more about Bumi Sehat or in helping them in some way follow this link to see what you can do.

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