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Moving so frequently has created another problem that I don't think we have mentioned time for me to blog!!!!  (Paul has the kids at the pool for 30 minutes before he leaves for an evening networking event so here is my window of opportunity!!!)  The kids are always my priority during the day and typically by their bedtime I am completely spent.  Life with littles is hard. Life with littles and Alia is harder.  So, in true Facebook fashion I have decided to start posting "Throwback Thursday" blog posts!  It was back when we were in Chiang Mai,Thailand that I started to get behind so I will start at the back and work my way or two old posts on Thursdays until we get all caught up.  However, first off I have an assortment of shots just for fun!  Pure randomness!  Windows into our life on the road.  Enjoy!





Bangkok from up high!  I love this photo!  This was Paul's office view one day!  We have come to really enjoy living in Bangkok!



Zander in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  He LOVES playing in the pool!  He says "Poo-ah" about 20 times a day!



Yes, Mike Loomis, they have Dunkin' Donuts in northern Thailand!  You could travel pretty much anywhere and never be without! :)



Z is ready to ride on the motor scooter!  This is his 'smile' face when you take out a camera...note the pool picture above as well!


IMG_7016I don't remember what airport this was in but I was with the kids behind the security checkpoint waiting for Paul to come and rejoin us after a luggage snafoo.  There were no bathrooms and no way for me to leave the area.  We did what we had to do.  To the horror of the muslim women passing by, I am sure!


Thys in all his sweet OCD-ness needed to collect from the large pool all the flowers that has blown off the nearby trees.  He arranged them in the kid pool all facing up and floating nicely.  The acquisition and display process took him about 30 minutes total but he was having a blast the whole time! [Only about half the flowers he collected are visible in this picture.]



We went to a Thai tourism convention for the free food.  It was fun!  Music, costumes, dancing, displays, and lights.  The kids enjoyed it all, but the dances were their favorite part.  Yes, they are drinking coconut milk straight from the coconut.



We have seen, watched and cohabitated with many geckos and as the rainy season came upon us we also learned it is the season of geckos hatching as well.  They are EVERYWHERE!!!!  And they are TINY!!!!



Paul and I were discussing something one day and the three biggest kids were nearby playing iPad games.  Suddenly it came to our consciousness that Zander had been gone a long time and was completely quiet.  We went in search of him and found this....he had taken Becky's iPad and had gone in the closet and shut the sliding door behind himself.  Sitting in the dark playing games where no sister or brother could find him and take the iPad away I suppose!



We saw these signs all over near the beaches of Phuket.



Don't you just love these power lines!?!  The evening after I took this photo the kids noticed that one connection near the roofline of the green house was sizzling and giving off blue sparks....yikes!


IMG_5119Two-Thirds of the Kortman crew!  Z didn't have a choice on being in the pic...he was strapped to my back!!  In this pic it was the first time any of us had ever gotten on a plane from the back door!


IMG_4791And last but not least is Thys' haircut in Bali.  He has never liked getting his hair cut even from me back at home.  This face made me laugh!  Define: tolerate.



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  1. tammy

    Love the pictures. Praying for a wonderful time and safety.


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