We have Liftoff!


The Littles were sleeping so here's the awake crew on the lot after buying it.

Quick update here.

We own a Motorhome!

The inspection went great, but took a long time because we're new RV owners and the people at the dealership took the time to answer our 7 pages of checklists and questions.

So we took off around 3pm local time after taking it out for a testdrive.

Everything runs great and I'm learning how to drive a cargo ship down the narrow mountain passes in central California!

Lets just say Becky has a mild hot flash every now and then with how close I am to the white line/edge of the road.

We're in Coursegold, California grabbing some groceries before we settle for the night... tomorrow? Yosemite National Park.

More later, but the adventure has begun (again... perhaps this is just the next chapter).

Things we're already experienced:

  • Trying to drive away with the parking brake on.
  • The littles taking a nap during the testdrive!
  • Injuries on the kids from jumping around and having fun inside a small space.
  • Doing a 3-point turn and backing up in a straight line for 200 yards!
  • Using the potty while on the move
  • Going downhill using brakes instead of downshifting -- big mistake.

We're looking forward to getting more stuff set up. But we have the basics (RV Toilet paper).

More soon!

ipads in a motorhome

Since we were taking so long doing the walk through the kids got to break in the couch/iPad position.

Sleeping in a motorhome

While taking the test drive the littles got sleepy... Becky laid them down and they slept while we drove and when we stopped.


Si checking out the keys... he was able to find out where the keys worked. We have big helpers.



Zander had a ball checking out everything in the whole motorhome (yes he has crawled on the dashboard already)



Alia shown to to scale ;)


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  1. jan

    Congrats! Happy driving– and once again, Journeys’ mercies!


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