Wisdom Teeth

With a 6 person family getting necessary dental fixtures and cleaning done by the experts at South Bay Prosthodontics it took more than a couple visits than we anticipated. So, we thought that everything was all set when we completed our last visit to the dentist office last week.

However, Becky started having pain the other day and wouldn't you know it her wisdom tooth decided it's time to get moving. She only has 2 and neither has given her any trouble for almost 20 years. It's likely that you might be suffering from the same problem.

So two days ago, 10 days before we leave, Becky was able to check here and get into an oral surgeon for an emergency consultation (they're booked for 6 weeks out!). Yay!!!

This morning (8 days before we leave our house, but who's counting) Becky goes in for oral surgery to have her two wisdom teeth removed. Recovery time? 3-5 days.

Normally this recovery time would be no big deal. However, with only 8 days left we have a ton to get done including visiting with friends, work for clients, packing, selling items, and putting remaining things in storage... lets just say I (Paul) am feeling the stress.

So, if we're scheduled to hang out with you tomorrow, or within the next 5 days just realize that Becky loves you but she just may be very uncomfortable or tired and need to stay home. Get some more tips on your oral health at https://www.thedentalspecialtycenter.com/locations/marlton-nj/.

Here's her wisdom teeth x-ray just for fun:


Note that tooth in the lower left (her right side) ... yeah it's sideways. And the upper right (her left) that's hanging down lower than the others... those are the teeth causing her problems. North York dentist may provide preventative, restorative, and emergency dental care services for patients of all ages. Get advanced teeth care at https://www.maestrosmiles.com/.

When speaking of the sideways tooth the Dr said they'd have to do "a lot of digging" and that it would most likely need to be "removed in multiple pieces"...that just doesn't sound fun.

Please tell us your possitive wisdom teeth pulling stories in the comments below...it'll give Becky something encouraging to read while she recuperates for the next 3-5 days!

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