Wrapping Up Life in Paradise, er Cabo Pulmo

These are a few of the last things that happened before we left Pulmo to head to Cabo San Lucas.

We met some super fun friends who are from Alaska!  Our kids spent EVERY day playing together and the Kortman kids were sad when the Oster kids (ages 4 & 2) had to have rest time!  Everyday the 3 o'clock reunion was greatly anticipated!  If you want to check out Matt and Saskia blog head on over to Moxie Trek! In fact they wrote about meeting us. Kinda fun to see it from someone else's perspective!


Snack time with Graysen and Rylan!


Our two boys with their amber teething necklaces!


Saying "Adios" to our new friends. We parted ways in Cabo Pulmo but might join up again on the mainland's western coast in a few months.


We built our own funnel out of a plastic 2 liter bottle so we can add water to Gracie's fresh water tank. No need to leave our boondocking spot! Score!


Is this kid's doppleganger Dennis the Menace or what!!??!!


Sometimes we stake the kid's inflatable boat on the beach and let them ride the surf and/or paddle around on their own. This day was exceptionally windy and they couldn't get past the surf without dumping so Paul took a break from snorkeling and pulled them out deeper.


Thys found a lobster skeleton!


The kids love playing on the rocks near the stone house. There are many tide pools and marine life to explore and discover. On the left edge you can see the old boat launch. Up above where the boys are climbing to the right of the stone house is where we plan to park Gracie when we get back. This spot is closer to the tide pools, the good snorkeling, and hiking trails. But, maybe closer to other campers as well. We will see!


Here is the old boat launch. We use it as a staging area for snorkeling.


A common site!


Getting ready to snorkel!


This is how dry the ground gets during the winter here near the beach.  First very wet and then drys quickly and splits open. It is almost powdery dry. It shifts slightly under your feet and feel like walking on elephant skin.


Gracie from the road coming into Cabo Pulmo.  She was parked by the only palm tree on the beach=great!  Right around the corner from the village=good!  But a 30 minute drive on dirt washboard roads to the nearest grocery store=not so great but do-able considering how much we love the location itself.

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