Is Norwex Worth the Price for Traveling Families?

Norwex for RVs

We are coming up on the one year anniversary of my big Norwex purchase for Gracie last summer.  I thought it would be a fun Norwex-aversary post to tell you what has stood the test of time & travel and what has died a slow death along the road.

Let me start by saying I certainly do LOVE some of my Norwex products and would buy them again in a heartbeat!  I am excited to share with you which products these are so you can only buy the things that you think will work best for your family.

Also, I am not a Norwex dealer and I get nothing if you purchase or don't purchase Norwex products. I know that a lot of people struggle with real product advice in things like Norwex where people make money by recommending products.   So, this is just me and my opinions!

I will rate each product according to a 5 star scale.

5 stars=Don't use anything else anymore!  Would buy this product all over again!
4 stars= Great product.  Use often and enjoy the results!
3 stars=Good product but not a necessity.
2 stars=Works ok but I wouldn't purchase again.
1 star=Doesn't do what I thought it was supposed to do.  Frustrating product.

Let's dive in!


1. The famous EnviroCloth.  This little cloth is a hard worker.  I use it for washing windows, scrubbing stain spots on carpet/linoleum/furniture, and getting my stove-top sparkly clean.  I have 2 but found that really one would have been enough for my usage.  It still looks great and drys fast.  Overall, I give it 4 stars.

window cloth

2. Window Cloth - This cloth is amazing!  You wash dirty windows with the enviro cloth and water and after they are mostly/all dry wipe with this window cloth and NO MORE streaks!  The windows are so clear!!  I love it!  I especially love how well it works for the front windshield of the RV since we have a little dog with a adventurous nose.  The front windows are so clear and clean!  Definitely 5 stars!

dusting mitt

3. Dusting Mitt-  This little mitt works really well.  The kids love using it and it does it's job well.  I think I will give it 3.5 stars because it works well but I don't know if it is really a necessity.

cleaning paste

4. Cleaning Paste - I bought this but the couple times I have used it I haven't seen great results.  I am openly admitting that I may not have used some of these products correctly or that there might be other uses for the products that I am unaware of that might be exciting but I haven't seen it.  I give this 1 star.

body pack

5. Body Pack - I really like these little clothes for washing my face.  A year after purchase they are still soft  and dry super fast.   I love knowing that the silver threads in them keep bacteria from growing even when we are in high humidity locations!  5 stars!


6. Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent - A little dab will do ya!  This bag isn't even half gone after a year of washing my Norwex with it about every week.  Since we are moving a lot the convenience of being able to run a load of laundry and never running out of detergent (if I was making my own) is definitely worth the cost!  I only wash my Norwex items with this to save it for the items that need the special detergent to retain their BacLock or antibacterial properties. 5 stars!


7. Pet to Dry - My kids LOVE this little guy!  He is such a handy (no pun intended) friend!  These chenille microfibers really do suck up water.  Drying off hands is quick and easy.  This hand washing helper gets 5 stars!


8. Towels - We got 1 XL for Paul and 2 L (one for me and one for the kids to share).  We love that the towels dry fast and have the BacLock silver threads.  4 star rating.  However, we should have gotten 1 XL for Paul, 1 XL for me and 2 L for the kids (one towel per 2 kids) as they don't hold as much water as a regular towel.

dish mat

9. Dish Mat - Wow!  We have 2 and have used them every day...2-3 times per day...all year long.  They dry fast and absorb so much water!  Great for doing dishes in the RV.  SO MUCH better than laying out a tea towel and having water running all over.  Definitely a 5 star rating!


10. Bathroom Scrub Mitt - Soft on one side, rough on the other.  We have one for scrubbing the tub/shower!  Works great!  4 stars!


11. Odour Eliminator - This is a natural concentrate that we mix with water and makes a natural bathroom/house spray.  We love it.  It smells nice and since the RV is such a small space unpleasant odors aren't really welcome!  5 stars!


12. Dryer Balls - These are the light green spikey eggs.  The are still going strong and in really good shape.  However, I think I would love them in a regular dryer.  They don't seems to have enough space in our little compact washer/dryer combo.  I also have found that if I can't hang my laundry out to line dry then I typically wait until I can.  I just prefer line dried clothes--less ironing and I just enjoy it. 3 stars.

dish cloth

13. Dish Cloth - These are the best things EVER!!!!  They are mesh material and do as good of a job at washing dishes as a standard washcloth if not better!  Bonus that they rinse out fast and dry in a flash.  If they get little pieces of food stuck in them after washing dishes I just add a pump of hand soap and scrub the soap and the cloth in my hands really quick and then rinse...just like new! This is and the Dish Mats are definitely my favorite and most used Norwex products in our house!  5 stars...I'd give it a 6 if I could!


14. Kitchen Cloth - Ok, this was a tough one.  These did not work out well for us.  They are a wonderful product and we loved the BacLock but at the end of the day we typically wipe down counters and the table with hot soapy water from the dish washing sink.  It was difficult to keep the Norwex clothes out of the soapy water and just use plain water...especially if the kids were cleaning up.  We value the kids helping out more than expensive clothes so we chose to stop trying to keep separate clothes and just use regular wash clothes. 2 stars.

kit tow

15. Kitchen Towels.  Pretty much the same story as the washcloths.  We would have been just as happy with regular dish towels.  We don't have trouble with towels staying wet for too long and the cost of the towels wasn't really worth the end result. Still a nice product, soft and soaks up a lot of water but not really functional for our busy house. 2 stars.


16. Spirinette - Great little scrubbers and I am glad to have them in my cupboard.  However, I use my little scrubber card (it's actually a formica chip) much more often than the Spirinettes. 3 stars.


17. Scrubby Corner Cloth - I have one and have used it a few times but not enough to say it was necessary or even super helpful.  I would give it.  2 stars.


18. Optic Scarf - This was actually a gift to me 2 Christmas' ago (thank you Gwen!) so it has been going strong for 1.5 years!  We have a LOT of little glass cleaning clothes floating around our house/RV.  The come with ipads and iphones, and any other electronic that has a glass screen.  They come free with glasses repair kits.  You get a free one when you buy a pair of sunglasses here and when you stop in a shop to get your glasses adjusted.  Alia even uses them for blankets for her Polly Pockets we have so many.  However, only one glasses cleaning cloth is kept handy and not allowed to be touched by little (read: possibly sticky/dirty) hands.  This one!  It does such great job and never a streak or a need to wipe it again a second time!  LOVE this little cloth.  5 stars.

Michele Pupoh

I need to mention that my good friend, MIchelle, was the wonderful woman who introduced me to all these really great products that make my life easier and less stressful.  She can hook you up with whatever products will work for you as well!  Check out her Norwex site and de-stress your life!  Seriously, There are SO MANY fabulous products!  I would LOVE to try out other things on their website because they look awesome...maybe some day. I'll be sure to report back if I do!

Got any other questions for me about these products or how they might fit into your travelling life?  Drop a comment below and I would love to help you as best I can!

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  1. Sarah Anderson

    I have to agree on all your rating except one- the kitchen towels and washcloth. I use those to wipe up my counters, little hands and faces, table, microwave, etc. Even tho they dont have soap they clean remarkably. Norwex rocks for little spaces

    • Becky Kortman

      I totally agreed these worked great! It was just really hard to keep them out of the soapy dish water when the kids were doing clean up!

      I’m glad you have found these great products!

  2. Terese LaPree

    I knew you would love Norwex! Glad you have found many favorites!

  3. Tim Wondergem

    Thanks for the post Becky! How often do you clean your pet to dry? Do you have more than one?

    • Becky Kortman

      I would say that with regular use they need to be washed about once a week. Sometimes we have gone longer just because we were to busy to run laundry. The BacLock silver threads kill the germs and it although it ‘looks’ dirty it never smells bad.

      We only have one but if I were to do it all again, I would have bought a second to swap out before I was able to run the Norwex load. I love these little guys and so do the kids!

      Let me know if you have any other questions! I would love to help!

  4. Krystal

    I love norwex and loved this post! Gave me some good ideas for future purchases.


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