Pearl Farm Birthdays

We want to celebrate birthdays with less physical 'stuff' and more experiences so Paul wanted to go to Pearl Farm Beach Resort for his birthday.  Pearl Farm is on Samal Island a 1 hour motor boat ride from Davao City.

The kids were super excited for the boat ride!


Here we are ready to go!

Our first glimpse of Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

Our bungalow at the resort. (First on the right)

Here's a video walkthrough of our house for the overnight.

Paul and Zander on the beach.

Zander and Thys play with a sea star.


We found LOTS of starfish.  Zander was typically carrying one around with him or just holding it while he was playing.


Here he is playing while holding his 'precious'.


This is just a portion of the starfish Alia collected and then released.


We found an Indian Ocean Sea Star!  We had never seen anything like it!

It looks kind of like a fact, Zander thought is was so when I handed it to him he simply threw it in the water!


We spent some time kayaking.  Even the kids did it alone.  At low tide, they could kayak around in water that remained about 2ft deep no matter where they went.

Daddy and Thys with a sea star.  At one point, Paul and Josiah were playing with it while they were sitting in the water and it stayed attached to Paul's leg when he stood up!

Here is the infinity pool near the restaurant--That's Paul, Alia, and Si out near the edge!




'Bathing Beauty' in a different pool near the waterfall.


With our new friend, Hugo Bloemquvist of Sweden.  Hugo was staying at Pearl Farm with his parents Henry and Maria and little brother Erik.  We enjoyed talking & playing with them.

Mom and Lia near the waterfall.


Feeding the fish!

We saw an AMAZING variety of sea life.  Parrot fish , Seargent Major fish, Angel Fish and many many others in a rainbow of colors!

Zander turns 2!  Paul turns 32+2!

We caught some of the snapshots of our 30 hours at Pearl Farm in this video



Headed home on the ferry boat again after a super fun time!


A Needle-nosed fish that jumped out of the water and landed in our boat!

We encountered a rainstorm on our way home to Davao City. This video shows some of the craziness that ensued!


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