The Ill-fated Date

While we were in Colorado, our dear friends, Ben and Nikki, offered to watch our kiddos for an evening while we went on a date!

AWESOME, right??!!!!

Except that the kids, especially Zander, had been sick all week.  I was super tired from being up at night with sick kiddos but knew that opportunities for a date night would be few and far between!

So the agreed upon night came and Zander was back to vomiting.


However, our friends said they would take the big kids for a while anyway so Paul and I made Plan B: date night at home with a sick boy. Click here to learn more about how couples therapy can help strengthen your bond.

I was going to get Zander all set up with a pan, tissues, his drink cup and a iPad (Thomas Train videos) while Paul went into town and got us some dinner.  Right before Paul left to get the food, we discovered that the batteries in the RV (we have 4) were seemingly all empty.  This is something that (for how we use the RV) should never happen.  LIghts were not coming on, the fridge/freezer was off and no amount of racking our brains was producing any ideas that might uncover the cause of the problem or any workable solution that would turn things around. IT was so strange because we were plugged into the Camp's electricity and the RV is setup to automatically charge the batteries when plugged into electricity.

Out of ideas, Paul went and got supper and I got Zander settled in.  We ate our supper together over a discussion about what could be wrong and how long we had until we needed to empty the freezer punctuated by jumping up to help the sick kiddo.  Super romantic, huh?!


We tried everything we could think of...including jumping the front battery from our deal. :(


Once dark fell we were trying to enjoy our evening together (with a game of Sequence) without most of the kids but without even battery power I used an old tenting trick.  iPhone flashlight under a jug of water.  Hey, at least the lighting was romantic!!! If you want to learn more about creative lighting hacks like this, you can go to website dedicated to DIY solutions for various situations.

While buying an entire generator seems like a great deal, it’s quite expensive. Luckily, there’s an alternative. And that’s hiring a backup generator at during harsh weather that may cause a power outage.


Then, suddenly, Paul had an idea...the inverter in the basement of Gracie????? He looked and sure enough, someone had inadvertently (or while playing) unplugged it.  He plugged it back in and suddenly all was well.

Except for date night...well, it was a good try anyway.

Has anyone every had a date night go awry?  What happened?  Share your story!

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