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Just thought I would post some recent pics to give you a little more of a look into our life here in SMA.


Downtown SMA


Los Locos Parade. Notice how they put their umbrellas upside down so it multitasks as both a shade and a candy catcher!


The children's playground area at El Parque de Benito Juarez.


Los calles bonitas de San Miguel de Allende. (The pretty streets of SMA.)


The streets going down the mountain into the downtown area.


Fun with Photobooth.


Paths at the back of the campground (San Ramon) where we are staying.


Typical vegetation.


We often see hot air balloons in the mornings. Some close others farther away like this.


More balloons. Its exciting on the mornings when they are close enough to hear the 'whoosh' of the burner.


Abuela (Grandma) Gonzalez at our favorite marcado stand. She and Si are the same height!


Si lost a tooth in his corn-on-the-cob one day! He didn't even know it until mom took a bite and chomped down on his tooth that was left behind in the corn!  Ouch!


Our friend Harper agrees with Si....Dad/Mr. Paul is a great place to lounge!

We are off to explore the city of Guanajuato this weekend with Harper and her mom.  Hope to post some of those pics later!

Hope you are all well and enjoying life like we are!!!

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I'm a homeschooling, world traveling, Jesus follower who is a wife and mom of 4 kids, In all my travels, I am looking for places that fit with my soul and feel as much like 'home' as they can this side of heaven.

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  1. Shirley Ann Coale

    I do enjoy seeing the pictures and appreciate how you are involved with the local people, not just being tourists. What an education you are giving your children. Thanks for sharing.


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