Leaving on a Jet Plane

It's been a busy but good 4 days in Georgia.

We've been to the dentist twice.

We've held Timothy a lot.

We found out that Zander loves, just loves babies.

We found out that getting around Atlanta takes a lot of time, and there are no straight roads here!

We've shed even more stuff.

We've spent time with dear family and dear friends.

We've experienced the coldest "hot-lanta" spring on record.

We raced golf carts and found out just how crazy wet red clay can be on hands and clothes!

Leaving on a Jet Plane

And now we look forward to the next 50+ hours which will land us in Davao Philippines. Half of that time will be spent being tourists in San Francisco. We're meeting up with the son of the midwife who attended Josiah's and Thy's births. As well as showing the kids Lombard street, Fisherman's Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge. If there's anything else you feel we should cover let us know in the comments below.

It's been a rocky week with Becky's dry socket caused by her wisdom tooth extraction back on March 7 (two weeks ago tomorrow). She's experienced a lot of pain. We visited a local dentist on Tuesday who placed a clove pack inside the socket. The pack was supposed to dissolve over a week, providing pain relief as the gum seals up over the exposed bone. However, the pack fell out on Wednesday, 24 hours after it was put in. Things started making sense at that point because our dentist in Michigan had done the same thing but the relief never came from that one, we can only assume it fell out earlier. So yesterday the dentist here in Atlanta put a clove pack inside the socket and stitched up the socket so the pack cannot come out again. Becky's pain moved from dry socket pain to a more manageable "I just got stitches in my mouth" pain.   Swelling is down this morning so we are hopeful for a better day today!

We've had really great news as Mike's house is set to close today, which means the closing on our house will be next week. Sure it seems crazy to leave before our house was sold be we were trusting God to take care of the details.  We had originally spec'd out the finances for this trip without selling the house... meaning we can afford to do this and make payments, but without a house payment we're much more free. Yesterday I canceled house insurance and car insurance.   We're lowering our bills and getting ready for a world class adventure!


The Dynamite Circle is a community of location independent entrepreneurs.  They are found all over the world and Paul is a part of this group.  We are encouraged and excited that people from the Dynamite Circle in Davao has organized a "Welcome the Kortman's" party for next Thursday.  We feel blessed!

This morning is devoted to spending a couple more hours with family, Paul completing some work activities, and wrapping up some more loose ends.

Paul Kortman

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  1. Donna L Weerstra

    Was great Skyping with you all last night. Hope the laptop survived the bath!!! Enjoy your morning with the Jusino’s – especillay Timothy as next time you hold him he will have changed ALOT! Praying for safe travel to SF – enjoyable sightseeing – a good place to ‘pit stop’. Thanks for the update and will await the report from SF. Love you all Mom & Dad

  2. Daniel Espinoza

    So excited! We just closed on our house so i know the emotions that go along with that. I’ll pray everything closes and funds without a hitch!


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