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We are frequently being asked where are we headed on this roundabout way of going north to get south. We are heading up to the west side of the Upper Peninsula, then east to Canada, and from New York down the east coast to Georgia.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 1.42.31 PM

View our first section of the drive on a map

As you can see, we're taking the long road to get to Atlanta :)

If you want to know dates we're planning on being in each of these locations view the map on roadtrippers and in the left sidebar you can see dates for each place.

I'm not quite sure if we're unique in this, but it seems that we have friends in very far reaching places in this country. We plan to enter Mexico in October, but until then it appears we're going to range from the northern tip of Michigan (into Canada) down to southern Texas, from the Atlantic shore in Savannah to the pacific in San Diego.  All the time not forgetting Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and northern California!

A large part of whom we're visiting is people who kept shouting out as we were driving Gracie back from California. This time we're trying to meet up with most of you along the way.

However, since we're taking our house along, and giving it similar forces to an earthquake at least weekly we expect to have more breakdowns. If we're visiting you when we break down you'll be the lucky one who gets to have us for a week or more ;)

Looking forward to seeing many of you soon!

Paul Kortman

Dad of 4, husband, blogger, digital marketer, follower of Jesus. I podcast at nomadtogether.com and own connexdigitalmarketing.com We're on this crazy journey to travel the world as a lifestyle. Looking for help in how to live as a digital nomad family? Join this Facebook Group!

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  1. beth

    when you’re in PA, your map shows you crossing I-80 about an hour’s drive east of camp. if you need a boon-docking location before you get to Pittsburg, I’m sure something can be arranged at camp. :) Camp is just west of the city of Emlenton on 600 acres of woods just waiting to be explored!

  2. Valerie

    We are a perfect boon-docking location! With easy outdoor access to electricity and water… Unfortunately we are also near your family. BUT when you return this way (next year I am hoping!) and if you want a slightly different site to camp at, we are always available.

    • Paul Kortman

      We’d love to! Next time we’re in the area :)

  3. Karen

    Where in ATL are you going to be? I’m in Buford, GA. It’s 35 miles north of the city, very near I85.

    • Paul Kortman

      Were going to be in sugar hill! Right next door

      • Karen

        Really?!?!?! Yes that is right next door. Do you have family here? I manage a self storage business here right off of Buford Dr. (State Hwy. 20), and if you need a place to park, I can provide you with electric and water. I can even provide a dump station if you need it. I am originally from Wisconsin, and have been to Sault Ste. Marie. Beautiful country up there. Safe travels, and if I can assist you and your lovely family in any way just let me know. Karen


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