So we met our Stalker

Yes, we're internet famous now!

Due to many factors, some of which are Upworthy and the Podcast If you haven't subscribed you ought to!

But with fame comes the paparazzi. Or the stalkers.

And yes we have been contacted by a film studio in Hollywood who wanted to make us the stars (er victims) of a Reality TV series.

But Matt was a strange one... here's what I received via a contact form on a couple weeks ago:

Hey there Nomads!

1. Fan of the podcast. Been listening since day one after hearing about it on another podcast (Rocking Self Publishing with Simon Whistler)

2. I'm location independent. I'm a mobile mapper (think: Google Street View) working for TomTom. I love it.

3. I'm currently in Thunder Bay Ontario, but I'm leaving town today and headed for Toronto. You mentioned on the show that you're headed into Canada from the UP, and I thought I would see if we could meet and grab a cup of coffee to discuss life on the road IF we're going to be in the same area. Not sure where you are planning to cross, or when exactly, but feel free to email me.

4. If we miss each other, I just wanted to say thanks for making the show. I travel solo, but spending many hours a day driving, podcasts have become an important part of my daily routine and I've been enjoying yours!

Wow, totally flattered, and yes we were in Canada and planning on crossing over into New York on the Peace Bridge.

So we connected up with Matt.

Yeah we told a streetmapper where we were and he found us!

TomTom Mapper Stalker

Matt chilled and talked with us a while, it was super cool to have a complete stranger whom we've never met but who has listed to our podcasts reach out and then to hear his story. There are pros and cons to every lifestyle but Matt has some awesome stories about driving the TomTom car for the last couple of years, making it all over the US and Canada.

We also found out that Matt is an Illustrator/Photographer and we wanted to show off some of his work is the place where you can find it all.




Thanks Matt for reaching out and for spending an afternoon with us, Here's to many more journeys, miles, kilometers, and podcast episodes!

We're currently camped out in Atlanta for September with plans to revisit friends in North Carolina, we'd love to meet other people. Feel free to share this post with friends you know in the region or comment below if we're in your neighborhood.

Oh and we're staying at another stranger/stalkers place. Karen found us via the Upworthy article and offered a place for us to stay for free with full hookups. So far it's been awesome and a huge blessing!

Don't forget to listen to and share the NomadTogether podcast with people wanting to live this lifestyle, it's been an awesome way to connect with people!

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  1. Karen Kimbler

    saw in one of our Expat posts that you are on your way, relatively speaking, to Ecuador. We moved here 5 yrs ago. Hope you do make it down this way, I will keep on reading your posts and “stalking” you from zero latitude.
    All the best on your continued journeys!

    • Paul Kortman

      That’s the goal! I’ll take us a year to get there (not driving straight, kinda taking our time and enjoying the journey to the destination, not just the destination itself!) Thanks for following along and hopefully we can meet this time next year or beyond!

      Where in Ecuador do you live?

  2. Matt

    It was great to meet you guys! It _is_ funny how small the world gets once you leave your own back yard…

    Take care, safe (and supremely fun!) travels, and maybe I’ll see you on the road.

  3. Gary Vander West

    Glad we could be ”gramma and grandpa” for a few days. it takes a special family to live in a motor home. God will continue to bless your trip

    • Paul Kortman

      We were blessed to be there with you all! hopefully we can do it again — in a couple years ;)

      Thanks for your support and encouragement!

  4. Ompeaceful

    I think using the term “stalker” in a positive way is confusing and inappropriate…. especially where children are involved.
    I’m glad that it turned out to be a positive experience for you.


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