Part 2: Tahquamenon Falls

We shoved off from Skandia and stopped at Tahquamenon Falls.  Having been there as kids, Paul and I  were really looking forward to showing them to our kiddos. However the day was fraught with problems.  First the disrobing of the van.  Then while driving to the falls in a rainstorm one of our wiper blades got sucked off. Literally there it was one second and gone the next.


Paul got out and used a sock and a bungee cord to prevent scratching of the windshield because he still needed the use of the wiper on his side. We did it this way because in the UP it's a long drive between towns and not every town has an auto parts store!





It was still raining when we arrived at Tahquamenon Falls, the phone lines (aka the internet access) were down and being repaired that day. Paul had an important business call and Zander needed a nap so our best option was to drive east to Paradise, MI and park for a couple hours.  It worked well.  Paul got his phone call taken care of, Zander got his nap and the rain slowed to a drizzle. We drove back to the falls and the rain stopped as we arrived--YAY!

Also MooMoo was shivering (it WAS cold, wet and windy). Even with her sweater on she was shivering but if we left her in the RV alone she would bark incessantly.

Solution: MooMoo wrapped in a blanket in a backpack!  She loved it.



Once Moo was tucked in, we were off to hike for a bit.


Panoramic view of the falls, Click the picture to see it larger


The Kortmans at Tahquamenon Falls


Tahquamenon Falls from up high


Kortmans with the Tahquamenon Falls in the background


50,000 gallons per second of water go over these falls


Stud, aka Josiah


It was fun to get that close to the falls


The Hemlock Tannons dye the water brown.


IMG_8058 IMG_8054 IMG_8052


We enjoyed our time at the falls and it started raining again as we left...thank you, Jesus for the dry hour to explore!

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  1. kelly

    Are those the lower or upper falls? In the early/mid 2000’s we went to the lower (i believe) falls on a family vacation and got to play in the falls.

    • Paul Kortman

      These are the Upper falls, we didn’t hit the lower falls due to the weather and loosing so much time chasing internet. While the kids in general love water and would have loved to play in the lower falls it was a chilly day and I doubt they would have been too happy to get wet on that day. Besides we have to save /something/ for their next visit!


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