T Minus 3

We leave Saturday.

It's still sinking in.

As we're finishing up last minute details, giving away stuff that hasn't sold, meeting with friends and neighbors, saying goodbyes, etc.

The countdown has been going on for 2 or 3 months, but now with only three rings on the paper chain it settles in.

We're leaving. 

t minus 3 shuttle rocketIn my opinion, we passed the point of no return when we had our moving sale and sold the things we thought we needed (more on that in another blog post). But Becky just reminded me that "technically" we're not committed until wheels up from San Francisco.

But who am I kidding, we're committed. We're gonna do this thing and become a family of nomads. Vagabonds.

And wether it's pretty or not, we're gonna rock it.

Don't take this as doubt about what we are undertaking, more of an exposing my feelings that make me think I'm bi-polar... one moment I'm ecstatic, can't believe we get to live this dream, and the next moment I'm freaking out, concerned that everything will go wrong.

The quiet before the storm? Not so much! We're pretty busy getting all the last minute details taken care of. 'Quiet' isn't the right word.

I more relate it to the feelings I assume astronauts have when they're strapped into their chairs, laying on their backs, knowing the possibilities of danger, and the potentials of an incredible ride, and you're just doing the countdown procedures. There's a lot to do, a lot to watch and ensure everything is coming together correctly. You're not really past the point of no return until ignition, but in reality, this rocket is about to blast off and ready or not we're going with it!

We're Short 2 Teeth

Becky did have her two wisdom teeth pulled on Friday.  It was a rocky ride. In hindsight, Vicodin is a narcotic that Becky will not be taking again...ever if we can help it! Her body reacted quite negatively. However, it's been 5 days and Becky has been incredible at pushing through the pain, even today waking up with pain in the middle of the night (again). I'm thankful for her and her abilities to manage the kids, keep a smooth running house and pack everything up--all while in pain.

We still have stuff for sale, mostly our minivan, camera, fridges, and a stove.

And we got word this morning that Becky's sister's water broke(whew, at 42 weeks we were beginning to think we might have to drag that baby out before we left!). If you're the praying type, please pray for a smooth delivery today.

I had some good meetings yesterday and possibly a couple of new clients.

As a reminder you can see our itinerary to find out where we'll be when. Thank you all for following along, in the comments below feel free to give your shout-outs to Becky's sister or to Becky, both for being strong mamas!


Photo by NASA

Paul Kortman

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  1. carrie parlin

    So excited as i read your updates. As what you are doing is something so different from what I will ever experienceI am just filled with admiration. Still with our youngest almost five, most days I feel like I can barely handle our family of 5!! Peaying for you all!! Enjoy your journey!!

    • namtrok

      Thanks Carrie, however don’t think we have it all together. The kids had a bunch of meltdowns in the hotel lobby and in our room tonight. Both Becky and I lost our cool and had to apologize to the kids. Like all families we have our moments. Thanks for following along. We really appreciate comments!


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