Hiking in Cabo Pulmo a Steep Climb!

Found these great photos from back when we were staying in Cabo Pulmo (Where we did the photoshoot and the kids had their own palapa).  We want to share these photos for you to see and for us to remember our climb up the mountain in that beautiful place.  How we miss it! Hopefully we'll be back to Cabo Pulmo in a couple of weeks.

Right behind where Gracie was parked there was a winding path going up the hill.  We packed some water and the first aid kit one morning and set out to explore.


Detail of the path that we followed.


From the middle, you could see the winding path back down to the beach right next to the dirt road that enters Cabo Pulmo from the north.


A rock throwing break!


The path was wide but a very steep drop down the mountainside. In the background...our Cabo Pulmo bay!


About 3/4 of the way up, the path ended at a generator station used for powering the cell tower on top of the hill. From the generator station, we followed the cement covered wires that lead to the cell tower. It was very steep in some places!


Even Zander worked hard and made it up!


Rounding the corner at the top, we were hit with the wind the mountian has been blocking. It was so windy that we had to hang on to something while moving about so as not to lose our balance and be swept off the mountain. The kids had to have someone hanging onto them when they were moving. We were trying to get everyone in place for this photo and as you can tell from Thys' hair...it was crazy windy! Just before this picture Zander's hat blew off and down the side of the mountain.


It was so difficult to get the shot!!! Paul was trying to stabilize my arm and I was using both hands but still this was probably try #5 or 6 because the wind was throwing the phone around so much! Notice Thys' death grip on the tower! :)


Seriously windy up there!


Paul went down the mountainside to retrieve Zander's hat. This was his view of us on the top.



Heading back down!

IMG_8424 arrow

Here's Gracie!


A family shot on the way down!


Since we were all so sweaty, hot and tired when we got back and it was already time to eat...well, we had ice cream for lunch!!!  A great climb and a fun lunch!!!


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  1. Tim

    Thanks for the Palapa! We’re in Cabo Pulmo right now and staying in that spot with our fifth wheel. The Palapa is a welcome addition with the two weeks of wind we’ve had.

    What type of RV do ya’ll have? We’re making our way over to Cabo San Lucas in the next week or so. We like to avoid the touristy stuff to for the most part but we’ve got to see that beach. Any recommendations for us on where to stay?

    Thanks again.

    • Paul Kortman

      That’s so awesome Tim! The east side of the state is so windy! When you come here to CSL it gets hot(er) and the wind dies. So expect to meet the Baja heat you expected when you get here!

      We have a 37′ Class A Motorhome. There’s no good places to stay on the beach here :( We have to pay to stay in a gravel parking lot. While there are tons of great beaches within driving distance, none of them can fit anything more than a truckcamper or Class B Motorhome.

      Widows Beach http://www.cabosanlucasbeaches.com/playalasviudas.htm is where we considered parking but it’s got no 3g cell service, so we couldn’t stay there long (We’re dependent on internet)

      There is plenty of room at Playa El Tule http://www.cabosanlucasbeaches.com/mapplayaeltule.htm but it’s not secure enough for us there, the Caratarra is right there. However without kids or much outdoor gear it could be good.

      We stay at Villa Serena RV Park (found it on ioverlander) and it’s nice and quiet but expensive for my blood at $26/night without beach access. We drive to the Mall parking lot ($20 pesos a day) and walk two blocks to Medano (major touristic) beach, or we drive to Santa Maria (free parking!) and enjoy the snorkeling there. My favorite is Santa Maria by far.


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