Land’s End Mexico: Touring The Tip of the Baja

This week I have gotten more blogging done since I and both our little boys have been sick.  The little guys have some sort of bug that has worked its way through their systems from top to bottom (if you get my drift) and I have some sort of cousin bug however, mine is presenting with a sinus infection/bronchitis combo.  YUCK!!!  Sitting around and waiting to feel better is definitely a boring state of affairs.  So, I had time for blogging. Hope you enjoy hearing about what we did last week when we all felt great!

Last weekend we took a glass bottom boat tour out to "Land's End".  While the boat ride was fun it wasn't as cool as I had hoped for.  I mean, seriously, we are in a glass bottomed boat for goodness sake!  It would have been awesome to have gone to a bunch of places where we could see really cool marine life below the boat (especially for the kids since Paul and I can go snorkeling to see the marine life).  We did stop in one location where the boat driver gave us some small pieces of tortilla to feed the fish with. We were able to see some cool fish from over the sides.  We only stayed about 5 minutes and there wasn't any other stop to see cool fish.  Booo!

We did have a chance to get a family photo by the arch and being in a small boat out in the rough Pacific ocean waves was fun--reminiscent of the big rainstorm in the Philippines on our way back to the mainland from Pearl Farm Resort.


Enjoying the ride!


"El Arco" The Arch at Land's End in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


Sea Lions on the rocks.


More Sea Lions.


So many little glass bottomed "water taxis" such as this one were out doing the same tour.


Lover's Beach.

If the boat had just been a water taxi I probably would have been very happy with it as it was a nice ride out to Lover's Beach.  Just getting off the boat and onto the beach was an adventure.  At first we were told that we weren't going to be allowed to exit the boat on Lover's Beach because the waves were too big for kids to get off safely.  Indeed, they were VERY big waves and you had to time it just right to get off the boat and to shore without getting caught by the strong current.  However, when have we let a "typically we don't do this with kids" stop us from going ahead and doing it with kids???  Nope, not us.  We knew the kids could make it.  They could tell is was a serious situation and they are good obeyers in stressful situations (maybe not so much at other times).

So Paul went in and took our beach bags then the boat was washed away from shore again.  As the driver revved the engine to get the boat back in as close as he could, I got the big kids ready.  As soon we we neared the sand, the bigs sat on the edge of the boat and Paul and another guy (who worked there) grabbed them and basically shoved them toward shore...they took off running for the beach as the next wave crashed in.  The boat was carried back out deeper and Thys was ready (having seen the big kids go) when the boat came back in near shore.  The worker grabbed him off the side and I lowered Zander down to Paul.  I hurriedly climbed down the three step ladder and ran in as fast as I could but I basically got washed ashore by the wave...wet almost to the waist.

It was exciting for the adults and the kids thought it was fun!

The beach connects both sides of the peninsula.  Lover's Beach is on the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula and on the Pacific side it is called Divorce Beach.  The waves were so huge over on the more dangerous side of the peninsula that there was no swimming allowed on Divorce Beach and there were red flags and lifeguards there to keep people from going too near the surf.


This pic doesn't show it well at all. The surf was crazy rough and the waves coming in were huge!


We set up shop near the surf on Lover's beach and enjoyed it for a while before too many people were arriving and we decided to leave.


The kids at Lover's Beach.



Paul got pooped on by a seagull while on the beach. Got hit...hand, arm, shoulder, head. Yes, he threw the rest of the apple away. The bird's bomb also got our beach mat, a towel, and a water bottle. So gross! Many thanks to the people behind us who were feeding them! :0



Thys found an ice cube on the beach!!! Actually a smoothed off cube of light blue glass. Where from?? idea!!!



The fam on Lover's Beach! Yes, given the name, we don't suppose many people bring kids here, but we aren't normal people either.


The kids had recently begun learning to body surf but the waves here were so big and powerful that I had to stand out in the surf (not always easy for me either) and they basically enjoyed being pushed around by the waves.  They lost their balance every once in awhile and I had to either pin them down so they didn't wash out to sea or shove them up further onto the beach.  A good time was had by all.


Alia and Si riding the very powerful waves. I kept having to readjust how my feet were planted because the waves kept pushing me off balance and my legs were sore the next day. I was just there to catch them when they drifted too far...which they did a few times. The waves were so big that when the current would flow out I was standing ankle deep and some waves would some in up to my waist.  I twas very fun for them and for me!

Getting back into the boat was nearly as big of an ordeal as before  Again Paul went first with our bags and then I sent each kid out to the guy who threw them up into the boat to Paul. I carried Zander out since the water near the boat even at it's lowest was still knee high on me and then I ran up the ladder when the guy took Z.  All this had to be timed with the waves as the guy kept having to run into shore because the waves would have been up to his chest if he had stayed out there. It took time and some were wetter than expected but we were all aboard again!


The boat with statue in the middle of the street round-about. They really wanted to go get into it so we did quick while waiting for Paul to come pick us up with the van.


It was a great adventure!

I guess overall, I would say this is a "score number two" for the time-share freebies. However, I wouldn't recommend the glass bottom boat tour around Land's End.  Perhaps out to Santa Maria Beach, or just to get to Lover's Beach. But not the Land's End tour.

In our case, since it was free it was a great time!

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  1. Jaco

    Goodness me!! I’ve been enjoying these recent posts! It is as if we are there experiencing these moments with you guys!

    Love the writing style: story telling and full of colour!

    See you soon – I am amped like a Marshall like stack amp!

    Love from SA

  2. Sally Dominguez-St John

    When I saw that there was another post from you I thought, “Wow, lots of posts from the Kortmans, cool!” Then I read that you and the little guys had been sick, hence the time for you to blog. I’m sorry you all were ill! I hope you are all well again soon!
    I am curious, though, how do you get antibiotics while traveling?

    I want you to know that as I enjoy vicarious traveling with you, I look out my window at Northeastern Indiana (Fort Wayne) snow and coldness! It’s good to see sun and waves!

    Thanks for keeping us readers up on your travels!

    Sally Dominguez-St. John

    • Paul Kortman

      Thanks Sally! We try our best not to use antibiotics if not totally necessary. If we believed that was necessary, getting an appointment with a local doc would be very easy. We typically use natural remedies, essential oils, and homeopathics.

      During this most recent illness, I used peppermint oil and cool compresses to alleviate Thys’ fever and Olbas oil for stuffy sinuses. Paul did go out and get me an over the counter adult cough medicine since my cough was heading toward bronchitis and the Olbas and RC oils weren’t helping.

      I appreciate your following us as we go! I am glad you are enjoying it!

    • Paul Kortman

      Thanks for the great comment Sally!

      We’re on the mend. And while generally we avoid using medicines and antibiotics, (we’re more natural/homeopathic users) when we do need them there are pharmacies in every country we’ve been to. In fact this time around we got a strong cough medicine for Becky since she had a bit of pleurisy with all of this… It’s super strange to me that we cannot find OTC drugs like Ibuprofen in a grocery store. However there are significantly more pharmacies and depending on the country and the drug you often don’t need a doctor’s prescription, though we have been able to get one before too :)

      And thank you for the encouragement! We forget about the snow :) I have been known to be sad about our current location (we’re NOT on the beach). But when I look out the window and see palm trees and have sunshine all day and wear shorts, teeshirts, and sandals everyday in February I’m thankful for the reminder that we’re not in snow!


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