Pelicans Are No Big Deal


Living on the ocean means you see a lot of pelicans.  Something I never saw growing up in rural west Michigan.  Yes, we had Lake Michigan but no pelicans...only seagulls.

I remember our first days in Mexico when watching the pelicans fly by was fascinating and a symbol of the beauty and freedom this lifestyle was affording us.  Watching them dive for their meal and glide single file so close to the waves that their wing tips touched the surf.  Each pelican floating but following each other to a perfectly choreographed dance in the air.




A few weeks later I wondered if or when a time would come that seeing the pelicans would be common place or would no longer be something I would take the time to stand and watch.  Basically, when would the pelicans be taken for granted.

You may think that's a negative view of things but that's what we all do.  There are things around all of us that we don't notice and don't act grateful for on a daily basis.

Things like seeing or walking or being able to swallow.

Things like the love of a child, smile from a neighbor or touch of a grandmother's hand.

Things like discovering a new flavor, seeing a gorgeous vista or feeling a warm breeze on your face.

So as the months have passed I have kept seeing the pelicans flying by wondering when it would happen.

A couple days ago, I was out on a hike with the boys exploring some nearby tide pools.  Out near the tip of the peninsula there was a rock sticking out of the water that was a relatively small piece of real estate for the 20 some pelicans resting together on top.  Seeing them out there together reminded me that although I still love to see them glide over the waves in unison and dive for fish nearby the RV, I don't stand and watch them anymore.  


I love wildlife! And I love to stop and watch just about any sort of wildlife at any point in time but now... Now I no longer pause to soak in the beauty of a number of pelicans in flight.

The fascination.

The superb beauty.

The magic.

That is now all gone.

That led me to ponder on how even here in paradise the speed of life had increased and the beauty around us had begun to be "normal". Scary!  I don't want to be too busy to enjoy watching the seabirds.  I don't want to be too tired to find beauty and joy in the gorgeous scenery around me.

It's not about your location, it's about your mindset and your priorities.  You can be in an awful situation and still be grateful for the small blessings in life or you can be living in paradise and miss the boat by getting too focused on the school, work, and chore routines to soak in the surreal scenery around.

Guilty as charged!

So, I am going to post this now and go enjoy the gorgeous weather, aquamarine colored water, the warm breeze and the sounds of the kids romping with the dogs on the beach.  There is a small flock of quail running between the bushes nearby and a couple frigate birds taking advantage of the ocean winds and sleeping on the wing above me.  There is also a husband who loves me nearby and a RV that provides shelter.


I know I will take things for granted again because I am human but it is just good to be reminded to breathe and allow the joy to seep in.

I hope you will take time today to stop and really see the beauty around you.


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I'm a homeschooling, world traveling, Jesus follower who is a wife and mom of 4 kids, In all my travels, I am looking for places that fit with my soul and feel as much like 'home' as they can this side of heaven.

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  1. Garry Gregorius

    We just got back from Mexico yesterday and I know exactly what you are talking about! The beauty of the pelicans in flight flying in perfect unison then diving it the water as one! Absolutely mesmerizing! Now tomorrow the reality of returning to the daily grind is horrifying. To be a bird and just float on the warm breeze!

    • Paul Kortman

      It’s crazy how I was taught as a child that a pelican was an ugly dumb bird, in reality they’re pretty amazing animals that can soar inches above the water and ride the waves without looking like they’re even trying!


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