We Don’t Fish, We Don’t Surf, We Barely Eat Seafood, Yet We Need the Beach!

Note: We arrived in La Paz Mexico yesterday afternoon. We're now in the area we had wanted to be for a month, we might move around from campground to campground, or check out other places, but in general we'll be here in the southern tip of the Baja for a month-ish. The following was written a couple of days ago when we were in Loreto.

Sitting on the beach today in Loreto Mexico in the state of Baja California Sur. I feel very peaceful here.

Paul is working at a coffee shop just down the street.

When we pulled into Loreto yesterday (Sunday afternoon) I didn't feel like I liked Loreto. The RV campground where we are staying is very small; the spaces are very tight. However at the beach today I once again feel at peace. Alia is sitting a little ways off on the rocks finishing her snack Josiah is burying half of MooMoo under the sand and the two little boys are playing just a little ways off on the playground.

I've never been a huge "beach person." I've never been one to lay out and get tan. I never was one that said that the sound of waves were my favorite thing. However, since our time here in Mexico I have found the beach to be my favorite place. it's peaceful in the off-season so it's not busy. Today, in Loreto, it's just me and my kids with two other ladies on the beach.

The kids have been watching pelicans dive for fish just a little ways off shore and "flying fish" were jumping out of the water less than a few feet away from the kids while they were swimming.

Just now as I'm writing an elderly man strolled up the beach picking up shells he turned around to walk back to where he came from,  he came toward where I was sitting, handed me a handful of shells and just said,"Son bonitos." (they are pretty) and walked away. Life is slower and more simple. I really like that.

During driving days here in the  Baja when we drive inland I miss the ocean. I miss the sounds in the sights and smells and the colors. As we break over a rise and the blue water (of either the Pacific OR the Sea of Cortez) can be seen in the distance I feel little spark of excitement... I'm almost there!

I don't care how sandy or muddy the kids get. I don't care what sand toys of there's wash away with the tide. I just love living at the ocean.

The road is right behind me as I sit here watching the waves, but I don't mind the cars at all. The noise of vehicles is completely drowned out by the sound of the birds and the waves and the wind. Of course I would prefer this without the noise of man made things, but I'm quite content with what I have.

Because of this new revelation, that beaches are so very important to me and our whole family we have been moving fast to get to warmer water and better beaches!


Loreto Beach


Square ice cream!!!


Downtown "Old town" Loreto



Loreto Shores Beach


Rental homes on Loreto Shores Beach


Thys created this stone circle around this tiny plant he found growing on the beach.


The `treasures` found on Loreto Shores Beach.


Bahía de Concepción Beach. We plan to come back here for a vacay between Christmas and New Years. It has no internet, cell service, electricity or potable water. FUN!!!


Some of the typical roads we have been traveling.


The sun is intense but the temps are perfect and the breeze keeps things cool.


Cool temps don't keep these kids out of the water!

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  1. kelly vanderwell

    The image of “Bahía de Concepción Beach”….the RV’s are they parked on sand? What if the sand shifts and they get stuck, do you call a tow-truck?

    Looks like a lot of fun! I would *LOVE* to be in some sun right now, but west michigan is getting light snow right now. It’ll be gone before christmas, but its still cold.

    • Paul Kortman

      Yes they are right on the beach! We’ve done this multiple times now. While we’ve never gotten stuck people do on occasion… which they could call a tow truck and wait hours, most just ask for help and between all the neighbors there are tools and trucks etc. We have our minivan and a tow strap for just such and occasion. see the picture proof here: http://homealongtheway.com/tempting-fate-driving-600-miles-with-a-bad-transmission-and-limited-brakes/ sand is different, but if that happens we’ll ask for help. I’m amazed at how helpful the locals are here!


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